Publishing and Licensing
License a play through Triple Take Productions! Looking for a unique play to produce?  Perhaps some Cancon?  Look no further!  Through our new site,, you can set up a licensing agreement with us to produce one of our plays (either written by a member or members of Triple Take Productions and/or previously produced by the company).  Fill out the contact form or email us, and we'll get you a ... More Info
Raised in a traveling circus, Sheila grows up knowing only the insides of the giant tent; a child's fantasy brought to life. But behind the bright lights and makeup is a world as painful and real as any other. Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace Wednesday June 30th at 6:30pm * Thursday July 1st at 8:15pm * Friday July 2nd at 1:15pm * Monday July 5th at 8:30pm * Tuesday July ... More Info
The Aquarium
Can a woman with a farcical curse find a normal, happy life without all the hijinx?  Only if she can get to the root of her curse during her stay in a flat affectionately known as "The Aquarium." Factory Theatre Mainspace Thursday July 1st at 8:15pm  *  Saturday July 3rd at 5:15pm  *  Sunday July 4th at 4:45pm  *  Monday July 5th at 2:45pm  *  Tuesday July 6th at ... More Info
Without Whom
What happens when we leave this life? Does the world really go on without us?  What if we could make death wait…even if only for a little while? What would you say to that one important person in your life - given the chance? Ray and Maggie were married for forty years.  They spent those forty years bickering and fighting, loving and sometimes hating.  Now that one of them ... More Info
Last Dance of the Dark Cloaked Avenger
Last Dance of The Dark Cloaked Avenger :  a dark comedy about death in the form of a 1940s radio play.  Arthur Warnes, the star of a long-running suspense thriller radio serial, The Dark Cloaked Avenger, is found outside his apartment, shot dead. While a police detective tries to solve the murder in the real world, Arthur wakes up to find himself inside a studio in the afterlife performing from ... More Info
It Was Kit
The "True" Story of Christopher Marlowe  The English Renaissance.  The most controversial playwright in history (and his hysterical mother).  Three bumbling spies, two over-zealous atheists and one average guy named Shakespeare.  Not to mention a prudish roommate, a paranoid queen and a covert death plot. It all adds up to a recipe for laughter.  And with Christopher Marlowe behind the antics, the Queen would never approve! ... More Info
Space Zombies: 13 Months of Brain-Spinning Mayhem!
Space Zombies: 13 Months of Brain-Spinning Mayhem! is a feature film shot on digital video that pays homage to B-Movies of the 50s, 60s and 70s – in particular the films of Edward D. Wood Jr. Though unintentional, the idiosyncrasies, errors and basic ‘bad’ filmmaking that go into these ‘terrible’ but endearing and highly enjoyable films, has created a style and a cult following.  It was my desire to delve ... More Info
Space Zombies: Terror From the Sky!
Edward D. Wood Jr. has risen from the grave just in time to assist our young filmmakers with the following film - SPACE ZOMBIES: TERROR FROM THE SKY! People's brains are going missing and no one seems to be doing a thing! At least, not until Veterinarian Dr. Vic McNaughton's cat is abducted by alien zombies on a mission to switch their own brains with the brains of cats, ... More Info
Space Zombies II: Monsters Unleashed, Unabridged and Unplugged!
The Space Zombies saga continues. While Dr. Vic struggles to keep his unusual family a secret, Inspector Gidget must feed the Zombies and keep their ship hidden, and nuclear waste creates gigantic mutations from ocean and marsh alike. But when the monster mutants meet in Toronto and do battle, the city is threatened! What will Vic and his friends and staff do? The only ones they can turn to for ... More Info
Space Zombies III: The Incredible Duel-Headed Cat Freak!
The third and final installment of the Space Zombies series brings us straight into the tortured soul of Dr. Vic McNaughton - our lead and normally, our hero. But this time, he unintentionally becomes our villain. In his confusion regarding his wife Betsy, who resides within the mind of their pet cat Ju-Jube and his beloved pet Ju-Jube, who rests within the body and brain of Betsy, his wife, Dr. ... More Info
Sketch TV (Pilot)
Sketches include: "Blood Bath Detergent", "Mastermind Theatre Episode 1: Attila the Hun", "The Hockey Bench" (coming soon), "Crust Toothpaste", "The Cat Clinic 1", "The Cat Clinic 2", "It Depends", "The Foreign Film", "Crazy Mike's", "Mastermind Theatre Episode 2: Sir John A. MacDonald vs. Louis Riel", and "The Lack-An-Accent Foundation", along with segues by the "Dancing Man". ... More Info
The Paradise Lust Romance Series
A frustrated writer interacts with the characters in her head and from her romance novel series in order to overcome her writer’s block. After successfully jumping over that hurtle, the characters decide that it’s time for their writer to move on to other genres. Finally, it’s the writer who determines her destiny and once again, with the help of her characters, grows beyond herself.    ... More Info
Balaclava - Ghost Town Feature Film Trailer
A trailer for the Ghost Town feature film, which is currently in development. ... More Info
Crime and Etiquette
Two hit men named Peabody and Sherman looking for money owed to “The Boss” wait to meet the borrower in a bar called the Rotting Badger. During a series of ridiculous slaughters, they discuss the ethics and code of conduct of criminals – a new wave of criminal behavior stemming from a book written for the modern, moral crook. Bill – the criminal’s criminal – tries to sway traditional mobster ... More Info
Watching Mr. Body
Once upon a time in a hallway, there was a dead body. Through the lens of the surveillance camera mounted opposite the elevator, we observe the various reactions of people wandering in or out of the building who encounter Mr. Body. His origin is unknown, but based on the reaction of the last man to see him before the police arrive, we know he came to a dramatic and untimely ... More Info
Music and Laughter & Homesick
The first play explores the effects of commercialism and the control a manager has over her addicted Rock Star. The second is about a man who yearns for his lost love, and finally finds the courage to say good-bye.  ... More Info
The Scary Bitch Project
This 20-minute sketch parodies the 1999 surprise summer movie hit, The Blair Witch Project.  ... More Info
A manic-depressive writer complains about the Tories, school strikes and his girlfriend to his roommates and landlord/script editor, alienating them all.  ... More Info
Sketch TV (Short)
Sketches include: "Waiter and Friends" by Blair Dwyer (directed by Regan Macaulay), "Art is in the Mind of the Beholder", by Shina Ahmad and Regan Macaulay (directed by Judy Singh), "Matters of the Heart", by R.J. Downes, Regan Macaulay, Judy Singh and Blair Dwyer (directed by Blair Dwyer) and "Mastermind Theatre: Episode 1" by Blair Dwyer (directed by R.J. Downes). ... More Info
The Foreign Film
Inept techies at a second-rate television station allow the audio track to slip back, becoming misaligned with the video of an Italian soap-film that's trying to capture the essence of old black and white movies, with a few mistakes. ... More Info
Where are the Birds?
Only the young and the strong have survived the Armageddon caused by our shortsightedness. However, they cannot survive the corruption that results from being human.  ... More Info
Multiple Madness III
A continuation of the chaos, but this time, every presentation is a monologue ("The Boxer" by David Matticus, "Loose Ends" by Michael Weller, "Dark Song" by Robin Fulford, "Forever yours Mary Lou" by Michel Tremblay, "Elastic" by Kelly Russell-Senior, "The Wishbone in Raggedy Ann's Hope Chest" by Kim Croscup, "Iris" by Amy Starkey, "The Days of Wine and Roses" by J.P. Miller, "One Summer's Night" by Paul Davis, "Drinking in ... More Info
Multiple Madness II
A continuation of the chaos including three one-acts: ­ Phony Karma by Adrienne Soles (directed by Chris Ellis), Revelations by Regan Macaulay (directed by Allyson Schmitz), The Hitchhiker by Roald Dahl (directed by Jason Rumley). ... More Info
Multiple Madness
Five short one-act plays that have nothing in common -­ an emotional roller-coaster including The Toilet Paper War by R.J. Downes (directed by R.J. Downes), Perception by Jeff Hannaford (directed by Todd Dickinson), The Test by Regan Macaulay (directed by Regan Macaulay), The Destiny of Chance by R.J. Downes (directed by Regan Macaulay), Never Swim Alone by Daniel MacIvor (directed by Jason Rumley).  ... More Info
Evening of the Absurd
Absurd one-act plays include:  Money Between Friends, Tuna Noodle Casserole, What Tomorrow Will Bring, Other Stories, and Synthetic Dreams all written and directed by R.J Downes, and The Meeting, written and directed by Doug Fost. ... More Info
Paradise Lust & Judgment
In Paradise Lust, a frustrated writer interacts with the characters in her head and from her romance novel series in order to over-come her writer's block. In Judgment, a future world ruled by the State discards older employees and psychologically tortures traitors to the Company.   ... More Info
A Short History of Night
The play chronicles the life of Johannes Kepler and his struggle to see with the eye of his mind at a time when scientific discovery clashed with religious dogma and witch-hunts.  ... More Info
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