Music and Laughter & Homesick

The first play explores the effects of commercialism and the control a manager has over her addicted Rock Star. The second is about a man who yearns for his lost love, and finally finds the courage to say good-bye.

Music and Laughter & Homesick poster 

Produced at the Recycled Classic Theatre in Toronto, November 11 - 14, 1999.

Written by: R.J. Downes
Directed by:
Kim Croscup (Music and Laughter), and Rob Downes (Homesick)
Stage Managed by:
Steve Zuliani
Asst. Stage Manager:
Kelly Watson
Andy Clitheroe, Kim Croscup, Rob Downes, Elfriede Erzen, Judy Singh, Angelo Stellato (Music and Laughter), Rob Downes, Julie Florio, Kirklynne Garrett, Cheryl McNamara, James R. Murray, Mark Rainey (Homesick)

Music and Laughter cast photo 

Homesick cast photo 

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