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Looking for a unique play to produce?  Perhaps some Cancon?  Look no further!  Through our new site,, you can set up a licensing agreement with us to produce one of our plays (either written by a member or members of Triple Take Productions and/or previously produced by the company). 

Fill out the contact form or email us, and we'll get you a quote and negotiate a contract based on the production (amateur or professional), number of performances (including any rehearsals with audience), number of seats in your venue, and your general admission price. 

Generally, professional performances fees are $100 advance, and 7% of the box office or $25/performance - whichever is more.  For amateur productions, the fees are $75 advance, and 5% of the box office or $19/performance - whichever is more.  Royalties go up if the performance is extended.  You must buy our authorized scripts, available through

You can also buy the rights to videotape performances for archival, promotional, and current affairs purposes.  Please see our menu for more information.

Coming soon...Horror At Terror Creek

Coming soon...It Was Kit and Shakespeare's Brain:

Synopsis, It Was Kit:  The English Renaissance.  The most controversial playwright in history (and his hysterical mother).  Three bumbling spies, two over-zealous atheists and one average guy named Shakespeare.  Not to mention a prudish roommate, a paranoid Queen, and a covert death plot.  It all adds up to a recipe for laughter.  And with Christopher Marlowe behind the antics, the Queen would never approve!

It Was Kit was originally produced by Triple Take Productions and Mad Frau Productions for the Fringe of Toronto Festival and the Best of the Fringe Holdover Festival in 2006.  The play was written by Allison McWood and directed by Regan Macaulay.

Synopsis, Shakespeare's Brain:  If only Shakespeare could see what we have done with his plays...Wait a minute...what if he can?  When Shakespeare's brain is severed in half by a couple of warped professors, the bard is left with no choice but to leave Purgatory and return to earth in search of his precious brain.  Alack, Will accidentally wanders into a Shakespeare lecture, and what he overhears leaves him absolutely agog!

Shakespeare's Brain was originally produced for the New Ideas Festival at the Alumnae Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, in 2007.  The play was written by Allison McWood and directed by Regan Macaulay.

See License a Play! for sample scenes.

The Paradise Lust Romance Series

Synopsis:  A frustrated writer interacts with the characters from her romance novel series in order to overcome her writer’s block.  After jumping over that hurdle, the characters decide that it’s time for their writer to move on to other genres.  In the final act, the writer determines her destiny and, with the help of her characters, grows beyond herself.

The Paradise Lust Romance was originally written and developed as a short radio play in the Radio and Television Arts Program at Ryerson University in 1994/1995 by Julianne Grenkie(-Ouderkirk), Natalie Lauzon, Regan W. H. Macaulay, and Judy Singh.  It was then produced as a one-act play entitled Paradise Lust in April 1995 by Triple Take Productions at Damned Straight Studios in Toronto, Ontario.

Regan W. H. Macaulay and Judy Singh wrote and developed the second act, entitled Lord of the Flings, in 1999/2000.  Regan W. H. Macaulay and R.J. Downes wrote and developed the third act shortly after that.  In 2002, the first full-length version of The Paradise Lust Romance Series (all three acts - which can also be presented as three separate acts, or “episodes”) was produced by Triple Take Productions at the Drama Workshop in Toronto, Ontario, May/June 2002.

Regan W. H. Macaulay wrote and revised this current draft (completed in 2009). 

See License a Play! for sample scenes.

The Aquarium:

Jeanette is a lapsed writer and a woman cursed.  She is surrounded by “farce” wherever she goes and whomever she’s with.  Her roommates, Jen and Gen, have had enough of it.  They kick Jeanette out and now have time together, alone at last!

Alex is a grad student recently stung by the bitter barb of love.  George is his sexually aggressive roommate.  They need a new roomie to replace Greta, Alex’s failed romance.  They also need a new rule:  no dating roommates living in “The Aquarium”, their flat.  Jeanette comes along and seems the perfect answer to their quest for the perfect roommate, until both Alex and George fall for her, but she only has eyes for Alex!

In a series of comic events that follow, Alex and George vie for Jeanette’s attention, Jen and Gen declare their love for each other and all feel the upstairs neighbour, Bob, seems to see all and know everything about them, but how?

When Alex confronts Jeanette about her writing, wondering why she quit, Jeanette’s curse lets loose full force, putting Alex’s life in danger.  Jeanette knows she must write again to break the curse and save Alex.  Once she does, everything falls back into place.  She and Bob switch apartments so that she and Alex can date and still observe The Aquarium house rules.  Only then does she discover the secret to Bob’s omniscient-like behaviour!

The characters and title of The Aquarium are inspired by some pets I previously owned.  My husband and I always enjoyed watching the antics of our pet frogs and fish: Gorgalforx and Vixen, our firebelly toads, Bob, our floating frog, and Alex, a reed frog, plus a number of fish.  Their quirks translated into George, Jeanette, Bob and Alex, and new characters Jen and Gen came along later.

I asked Allison McWood to co-write the play with me because of our mutual love of frogs, and because we often joked that sometimes her life seemed like one of her plays.  Besides that, of all my writer friends, she’s the very best at farce!

The play has the feel of a sitcom, which suits the underlying tone of the play as characters often feel “watched from above”, like they watch their own pets through the top of their aquarium.  This is the reason that George and Alex refer to their own apartment as “The Aquarium.”

We were fortunate enough to have a very talented comedic cast to bring out all these subtle, and not-so-subtle, comedic forms.  Jason Reilly (Alex), Andrea Lyons (Jen) and Sandra Krstin (Gen), and Scott Moore (Bob) have all been involved in previous Triple Take Productions’ comedies (Jason and Scott in It Was Kit, Jason and Sandra in The Paradise Lust Romance Series, and Andrea and Jason in New Ideas ’07 entry, Shakespeare’s Brain – Jason also has Second City training and performance experience) and bring us their comic talents once again.   Triple Take and Good Egg newbies Allison Price (Second City, NOW Audience Choice award-winning sketch member), Nate Callens, and two of our leads, Kristen Corvers and Anthony Palmer rounded out the funny-folk. 

See License a Play! for  sample scenes.

Available film scripts:

Space Zombies:  13 Months of Brain-Spinning Mayhem!:

Even the sanest and kindest of men goes mad.  But what is it that drives him to insanity?  What you are about to see are the images of the circumstances under which one man, veterinarian Dr. Vic McNaughton, goes horribly, horribly and irretrievably mad…is it the aliens seeking human brains for snacks?  Zombies seeking to switch their brains with the brains of cats?  Monster toad-beasts? Starfish mutations?  Dr. Vic and his staff experience all of these adventures, but it is the Space Zombies’ experiments switching the thought essences of Dr. Vic’s wife Betsy and his beloved cat Ju-Jube that eventually push him over the edge.  His solution is obvious – his wife and darling pet must be combined, but first he must test his theories out on some other unsuspecting humans and cats.  What results is a truly terrifying travesty – a duel-headed cat freak that defies his master and tears out on a frightening rampage.  It is only this cataclysmic event, along with the prodding of Vic’s staff and his friends, including the very Space Zombies who helped him create the two-headed creature in the first place, that Vic finally snaps out of his maniacal trance and begins to see the light.  Only when things are put right again - when minds and bodies are matched, does Dr. Vic’s world simmer to a sane temperature again.

Space Zombies: 13 Months of Brain-Spinning Mayhem! is a feature film shot on digital video that pays homage to B-Movies of the 50s, 60s and 70s – in particular the films of Edward D. Wood Jr. Though unintentional, the idiosyncrasies, errors and basic ‘bad’ filmmaking that go into these ‘terrible’ but endearing and highly enjoyable films, has created a style and a cult following.  It was my desire to delve deeper into this style and accidental technique through the making of a parody film that emulates B-Movies down to the last detail, but within a modern context, as if created today.  The result is a hilarious film study, both entertaining and enlightening.  There is a definite art to creating something ‘bad’, particularly if you are doing it on purpose!

Space Zombies: 13 Months of Brain-Spinning Mayhem! is the culmination of a trilogy of short films:  Space Zombies: Terror from the Sky!, Space Zombies II: Monsters Unleashed, Unabridged and Unplugged! and Space Zombies III: The Incredible Duel-Headed Cat Freak!  The feature aired on SPACE: The Imagination Station and Drive-In Classics in Canada between 2004 and 2007.  The first episode appeared separately on SPACE, Drive-In Classics, and SCREAM between 2003 and 2006.

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