Sketch TV (Pilot)

Sketches include: "Blood Bath Detergent", "Mastermind Theatre Episode 1: Attila the Hun", "The Hockey Bench" (coming soon), "Crust Toothpaste", "The Cat Clinic 1", "The Cat Clinic 2", "It Depends", "The Foreign Film", "Crazy Mike's", "Mastermind Theatre Episode 2: Sir John A. MacDonald vs. Louis Riel", and "The Lack-An-Accent Foundation", along with segues by the "Dancing Man".

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Produced June 2000 - January 2003 in various locations in Toronto.  Sketches "Crust Toothpaste", "Crazy Mike's", and "The Lack-An-Accent-Foundation" screened at Le Itisness Cinemathon film festival in 2004.

Written by: R.J. Downes, Blair Dwyer, Regan Macaulay
Directed by:
Kim Croscup, R.J. Downes, Regan Macaulay
Kim Croscup, Nicole Crozier, Rob Downes, (Brad Feraday ­ from previously shot sketches), Jeff Hannaford, Lorne Hiro, Allen Keng, Andrea Lyons, Frodo B. Macaulay, Prea L. Macaulay, Regan Macaulay, Conor McCreery, Genevieve Parent, Jason Reilly, Kevin Risk, Judy Singh, Shona Sneddon, Micah Thomas

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