Sketch TV (Short)

Sketches include: "Waiter and Friends" by Blair Dwyer (directed by Regan Macaulay), "Art is in the Mind of the Beholder", by Shina Ahmad and Regan Macaulay (directed by Judy Singh), "Matters of the Heart", by R.J. Downes, Regan Macaulay, Judy Singh and Blair Dwyer (directed by Blair Dwyer) and "Mastermind Theatre: Episode 1" by Blair Dwyer (directed by R.J. Downes).

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Produced July/August, 1997 in various locations in Toronto.

D.O.P's: Jason Law and Judy Singh
Edited by: Judy Singh
Music by: Jeff Hannaford (Ella Says)
Cast: Todd Dickinson, Brad Feraday, Andrea Lyons, Robert Scott Nardecchia, Shona Sneddon

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