The Foreign Film

Inept techies at a second-rate television station allow the audio track to slip back, becoming misaligned with the video of an Italian soap-film that's trying to capture the essence of old black and white movies, with a few mistakes.

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Produced January/February 1997 at Ryerson University in Toronto.  Placed second at the John Candy Film Festival (screened February 26 & 28, 1997).  Screened at the Bloor Cinema's "Video Vaudeville" in March, 2000.

Written by: Regan Macaulay, R.J. Downes, Blair Dwyer and Jason Law
Directed by: Regan Macaulay
Dave Riding and Judy Singh
Edited by:
Mitch Belman, Jennifer MacLeod and Dan San Pedro
Sound by:
Mike Choi and Blair Dwyer
Kim Croscup, Kevin Crump, Chris Ellis, Chris Girotti, Ami Granguli, Julie Larocque, Regan Macaulay, Carol McKay

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