The Paradise Lust Romance Series

A frustrated writer interacts with the characters in her head and from her romance novel series in order to overcome her writer’s block. After successfully jumping over that hurtle, the characters decide that it’s time for their writer to move on to other genres. Finally, it’s the writer who determines her destiny and once again, with the help of her characters, grows beyond herself. 

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Produced at The Drama Workshop, Toronto, May 29, 30, 31, June 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 2002.  Check out The Paradise Lust Romance Series at

Written by: Regan Macaulay, with R.J. Downes and Judy Singh
Directed by:
Regan Macaulay
Associate Producer: Kevin Risk
Asst. Director: Richard Wing
Stage Manager:
Richard Wing
Lighting/Sound Design:
Kevin Risk
Sound Director:
Dave Krstin
Lighting Director:
Richard Wing
Robert Fisher, Sandra Krstin, Regan Macaulay, Erin Marian, Jason Reilly, Kevin Risk, Richard Wing

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