The Scary Bitch Project

This 20-minute sketch parodies the 1999 surprise summer movie hit, The Blair Witch Project. 

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Produced September 1999 in Fergus, Ontario. Screened at the Bloor Cinema's "Video Vaudeville" in March, 2000 and aired on SPACE, Drive-In Classics and SCREAM (2003-2006).  Currently available to rent at: Suspect Video, 605 Markham Street Toronto (416-588-6674); Suspect Video, 619 Queen Street W. Toronto (416-504-7135 /; Queen Video, 412 Queen Street W. Toronto (416-504-3030).

Written by: R.J. Downes, Regan Macaulay
Directed by:
Regan Macaulay
Produced by:  Triple Take Productions and SPOO!
D.O.P.: Gregory Davies
Edited by:
Judy Singh
Kim Croscup
Technical Director:
Judy Singh
Doug Bell, Maureen Bell, Kim Croscup, Greg Davies, Rob Downes, Jeff Hannaford, Regan Macaulay, Judy Singh

Scary Bitch Project cast photo 1 

Scary Bitch Project cast photo 2 

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