Space Zombies II: Monsters Unleashed, Unabridged and Unplugged!

Space Zombies II: Monsters Unleashed, Unabridged and Unplugged!

Space Zombies II posterThe Space Zombies saga continues. While Dr. Vic struggles to keep his unusual family a secret, Inspector Gidget must feed the Zombies and keep their ship hidden, and nuclear waste creates gigantic mutations from ocean and marsh alike. But when the monster mutants meet in Toronto and do battle, the city is threatened! What will Vic and his friends and staff do? The only ones they can turn to for help…are the very Space Zombies they’re keeping prisoner! Ed Wood and his modern-day cohorts have done it again!


Produced Fall 2003 and Winter 2004 in Toronto.

Written by: Regan W. H. Macaulay and Kevin Risk
Directed by:
Regan Macaulay
Executive Produced by:
Edward D. Wood Jr.
Associate Produced by:
Christopher Cordell
Kevin Risk
Camera Operator: Johnny Vong
Edited/Composed by:
Regan Macaulay
Sound Design/Special Effects & Animation by:
Kevin Risk
Hunter Berg, Kim Croscup, Rob Downes, Erin Gooderham, Mr. Jones, Dave Krstin, Andrea Lyons, Frodo B. Macaulay, Prea L. Macaulay, Regan Macaulay, Albert Masters, Kelsey Matheson, Conor McCreery, Kyle McKeown, Renata Rampersaud, Jason Reilly, Kevin Risk, Trevor Risk, Clinton Cyril Somerton, Taco Steeves, Darcy Windover, A Hunk of Claymation.

Space Zombies II cast photo

CatClinicwBooboo DisgustingLunch JuJubeNegligeebrighter LanceSeriousSF ToadEatingTrees SZ-new ship 3

Project Details:

Regan W. H. Macaulay & Kevin Risk


Regan Macaulay


Fall 2003 - Winter 2004