Space Zombies: Terror From the Sky!

Space Zombies: Terror From the Sky!

Space Zombies I poster

Edward D. Wood Jr. has risen from the grave just in time to assist our young filmmakers with the following film – SPACE ZOMBIES: TERROR FROM THE SKY! People’s brains are going missing and no one seems to be doing a thing! At least, not until Veterinarian Dr. Vic McNaughton’s cat is abducted by alien zombies on a mission to switch their own brains with the brains of cats, and Vic’s little Ju-Jube is about to be part of their first experiment – not to mention Vic’s receptionist Betsy. Vic, Bill the Vet Tech and Inspector Gidget pay a visit to the space craft to save little Ju-Jube…oh yes, and Betsy too.


Produced in December 2002 in Toronto.  Licensed to SPACE:  The Imagination Station, Drive-In Classics and SCREAM (2003-2006).

Written by: Regan W. H. Macaulay and Kevin Risk
Directed by:
Regan Macaulay
Executive Produced by:
Edward D. Wood
Associate Produced by:
Christopher Cordell
Kevin Risk
Edited/Composed by:
Regan Macaulay
Sound Design/Special Effects by:
Kevin Risk
Kim Croscup, Rob Downes, Jeff Eason, Dave Krstin, Sandra Krstin, Andrea Lyons, Frodo B. Macaulay, Regan Macaulay, Prea L. Macaulay, Kelsey Matheson, Conor McCreery, Jason Reilly, Kevin Risk, Ripley Steeves, Angelo Stellato, Darcy Windover

Space Zombies I cast photo

Space Zombies I screen shot

BetsyontheTablebrighter BillsEye IntMachineJuJubebrighter JuJubeCatnappedbrighter MournersBrains

Project Details:

Regan W. H. Macaulay & Kevin Risk


Regan Macaulay


December 2002. Licensed to SPACE, SCREAM, and Drive-In Classics 2003-2006.