2 Screenings at The ReelWorld Film Festival

2 Screenings at The ReelWorld Film Festival

The ReelWorld Film Festival is screening A Winter Tale, directed by Frances-Anne Solomon, produced by Leda Serene Films and Associate Produced by Regan Macaulay.  Kevin Risk was also involved in the post-production sound team for the feature.  This film will be screening at the Scotiabank Theatre (formerly the Paramount) on Wednesday April 11th at 7pm, then again on Saturday April 14th at 4pm at the Rainbow Cinemas (Theatre 3) Market Square, both located in Toronto.

Louise Bennett:  Then and Now, directed by Regan Macaulay and Frances-Anne Solomon will also be screening at the ReelWorld Film Festival.  This short documentary can be seen on Saturday April 14th at 2pm at the Rainbow Cinemas (Theatre 3) Market Square. 

For more information, visit www.reelworld.ca.  For synopses of both the documentary short and the feature film, click on "Read Full Article".
A Winter Tale

Frances-Anne Solomon’s A Winter Tale is a disturbingly accurate and timely portrayal of the gun violence plaguing the black community in Toronto. Adapted from the critically acclaimed screenplay and shot on location in a Caribbean area of Parkdale, the story begins with gunshots ringing out into the night. But somehow the bullet’s intended target, a filthy, no-good drug dealer escapes harm, and instead the bullet claims the life of a nine-year-old boy.

To make matters worse, the stricken community, too stunned and deeply saddened to face the facts try to turn a blind eye to the tragedy and move on with daily life. But Gene, a social worker refuses to accept his neighbours’ apathy about the child’s death. Realizing the only way to overcome the violence in the community and deal with the emotional trauma, grief and guilt, he struggles to get his friends to talk about their feelings. However, their inertia and initial unwillingness to communicate prove to be his greatest challenge. Anger, fear and frustration permeate the community that has taken an unwritten code of silence.

At times funny and hopeful, at times gritty and tragic, the poignant story of A Winter Tale will leave you feeling inspired that change in the face of adversity is possible and it can begin with one person.

Louise Bennett:  Then and Now

Pioneering the use of Jamaican language, The Honourable Louise Bennett-Coverley fondly known as "Miss Lou" brought countless hours of restorative laughter to audiences across the world. Renowned for her strength, warmth and effervescent personality the iconic, international legend defied educators in her lifelong quest to spread the importance of cultural identity, respect and pride. The film includes vintage footage from key moments in Miss Lou’s life, making the film especially meaningful as we witness her last days and are reminded of all that she accomplished. Miss Lou: Then And Now sustains the language of laughter, Jamaican Patois, and the cultural ambassador who proudly preserved it.

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