2016 New Ideas Festival at the Alumnae Theatre, Toronto

2016 New Ideas Festival at the Alumnae Theatre, Toronto

From the Alumnae Theatre/New Ideas Festival Facebook Invitation Page:

New Ideas Festival: March 9 – 27, 2016

The 28th annual New Ideas Festival is a three-week, juried festival of new writing, original short plays which have never before been produced, so every play in the festival is a world premiere. Each week there’s a different lineup, plus a staged reading on Saturdays.

*** WEEK 1 (March 9-13, 2016) ***
– Stuck by Stacey Iseman, directed by Kelsey Laine Jacobson.
– Prayers to St. George by Andrew Lee, directed by Meg Moran.
– The Council by Deanna Kruger, directed by Claren Grosz.
– This Will Be My Last Transmission by Natalie Frijia, directed by Zita Nyarady.
READING (Sat March 12 at noon):
– A Better Place by Ramona Baillie, directed by Chelsea Dab Hilke.

*** WEEK 2 (March 15-20, 2016) ***
– Housekeeping by Jean Koppen, directed by Ingryd Pleitez.
– Pose Ball by Caitie Graham, directed by Emily Nixon.
– War and Peace: A Family Story by Krystyna Hunt, directed by Rebecca Grace.
– Yeats in Love by Anne Tait, directed by Jane Carnwath.
READING (Sat March 19 at noon):
– Curved by Kristen Shepherd, directed by Rebecca Ballarin.

*** WEEK 3 (March 23-27, 2016) ***
– Provenance by Linda McCready, directed by Pam Redfern.
– Trying by Norma Crawford, directed by Juliet Paperny.
– Sick Kids Wanna Talk to You by Carolyn Bennett, directed by Jennifer McKinley.
– Four Hours by Joan Burrows, directed by Helen Monroe.
READING (Sat March 26 at noon):
– Omission by Alice Abracen, directed by Michela Sisti.

Wed – Sat at 8pm
Sat & Sun at 2:30pm
Staged Readings – Saturdays at noon only.

$15 per week + PWYC readings
OR purchase a 6- or a 9-ticket Flex Pass ($75 or $105) and see everything!
Reserve a seat and pay on arrival (cash only at Box Office for in-person sales), or purchase in advance online.

RESERVATIONS: 416-364-4170 box 1 or e-mail reservations@alumnaetheatre.com.


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