Allen Keng


Allen Keng

Allen made his debut with Triple Take as Jonny in Crime and Etiquette. It was A most memorable experience, as he put it. Originally trained in stunt work and combat with a martial arts and gymnastics background, Allen decided to spread his wings into the realm of acting. He is currently a student of drama with the University of Toronto’s prestigious drama program. Allen is also a philosophy major.
For Triple Take:

  • Crime and Etiquette – Actor (Johnny)

Other Credits:

Theatre and Live Performances

  • The Jackie Chan Charity Auction – Stunt Performer (Skydome / JC Team)
  • The Visit – Actor (Pedro, at the Robert Gill Theatre / Daniella Marchese)
  • Oriental Fusion – Stunt Performer (Exhibition Place / Clement Chu)
  • National Advertising Benevolence Society (NABS) Charity Art Auction – Stunt Performer (Guvernment / Chris Oliver)
  • The Calgary Stampede – Stunt Performer (Grandstand / Brian Folley)
  • Kingston Busker Festival – Host (Kingston / Team Ryouko)
  • 38th Annual Canada Day Celebrations – Host (Queen’s Park / Rick Davis)
  • Toronto International Circus Festival – Host (The Distillery District / Eli Chornenki)
  • Detroit Pistons Half Time Show – Stunt Performer (The Palace)
  • The General Motors Mainstage Auto Show – Stunt Performer (Metro Toronto Convention Centre / Jim Applebaum)

Film and Television

  • The Medallion – Stuntman (Golden Port Productions / Gordon Chan)
  • The Tuxedo – Double (Dreamworks Productions / Kevin Donovan)
  • Christmas Rush – Stuntman (Monument Productions / Charles R. Carner)
  • Bulletproof Monk – Stuntman (CUB FIVE Productions / Paul Hunter)
  • Good Fences – Actor (Kazu Suziharo, 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks /  Ernest R. Dickerson)
  • The Toronto Show – Actor (Breakthrough Productions / Dennis Saunders)
  • Out of Time – Actor (David Lee, Big Trouble Little Film Productions / Evan King)
  • Sue Thomas F. B. Eye – Stunt Double (Pebble Hut F. B. Eye Inc. / Bruce Pittman)
  • Split Second Time – Stuntman (Soft Citizen Inc. / Matt Burke)
  • The Pacifier – Asst. Fight Co-ordinator and Stuntman (Pacifier Productions Ltd. / A. Shankman)
  • Vox – Stuntman (TVO / Maria Farano)
  • Streets on Fire – Stuntman (235 Films Inc. / RT!)
  • ReGenesis – Actor (Young Soldier, ReGenesis II Productions Inc. / John L’Ecuyer)
  • Ante Up – Actor (Fighter, Eye of the Storm Pictures / Tyler Williams)
  • Rogue  – Stuntman (Rogue Films Corp. / Phillip G. Atwell)
  • American Pie 5:  The Naked Mile – Stuntman (P-Town Productions / Joe Nussbaum)