Caron Garside


Caron Garside

Often called a "Veteran of the Theatre" in the Peterborough Examiner (and I was only 32!), Caron has wrestled every aspect of the stage, since becoming smitten as Nancy in Oliver! in Grade 4.  Singing out of key in the choir led her to drama class in Grade 7.  U of T told her she was in the "gray area" and to try production.  Favourite productions:  Baal, Bertolt Brecht (Director -The Union Theatre); The Moodie/Traill (co-author – Susanna Moodie, 4th Line Theatre); Crazy, Crazy Like a Fish (Kate Storey – Lighting Design – Market Hall Theatre)

Some people ask me if I miss the theatre, since moving to Pickering.  A sabbatical can take a long time.  My son is graduating Grade 8 with honours – how could I miss the theatre when there is so much really happening in my life?  OK lots!

Caron has only just been introduced to the swell crew at the Alumnae Theatre, as well as Triple Take Productions and Beautiful Lie Productions.  As fill in Technical Director for New Ideas, she had the pleasure of meeting over 80 theatre artists and being invited to design lights for Last Dance of the Dark Cloaked Avenger.  Perhaps her sabbatical will soon end.

For Triple Take:

  • Last Dance of the Dark Cloaked Avenger – Lighting Designer