Christopher Cordell


Christopher Cordell

Christopher Cordellhas been involved in the arts for a number of years. He started out as an actor when he was a young boy in a production of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. He has performed with an improv troupe called “Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty” and trained extensively at Second City with the King of improvisation Mr. Bruce Hunter (Puppets Who Kill). He has also made appearances at Theatre Sports where he worked with the likes of Mr. Albert Howell (The Devil’s Advocates) and Mr. Peter Oldring (YTV, K:19).

As a Writer, Christopher loves to tell stories that make a statement and catch the audience off guard. As a Director, Christopher likes to tell a story visually. He likes to focus heavily on the story being shown through camera movement and selective framing, and not the story being told by lavish exposition and/or talking heads.

Christopher performs as a stuntman and actor for television and feature films, and has now written, directed and produced a number of short films. His short film Not My Religion has played at several festivals worldwide. His latest short The Love Box, starring John Healy, has just been completed and is now starting  the festival circuit. Christopher has also just finished producing a short film for director Lee Kim entitled The Message and produced and starred in Jay Rao’s The Cleansing.

Christopher’s passion for storytelling has motivated him to increase audience awareness about themselves and the world around them.

For Triple Take:

  • The Space Zombies Trilogy and Feature – Associate Producer, First Assistant Director, Second-Unit Director, Camera Operator, Voice of Edward D. Wood Jr.

Other Credits:


  • The Love Box – Producer, Director (Short Film)
  • The Making of Madness – Producer, Writer, Director, Actor (Short Film)
  • The Message – Producer, 1st Assistant Director, Post Production Supervisor (Short Film)
  • The Cleansing – Producer, Actor, Post Production Supervisor (Short Film)
  • Not My Religion – Producer, Writer, Director, Camera Operator (Short Film)
  • A Feeling of Wellbeing – Producer, Writer, Director (Short Film)
  • Troubled Waters – Actor (Feature)
  • Heartstopper – Stunt Actor (Feature)
  • By Charlie Walker – Actor (Short Film)
  • The Grid – Actor (FOX)
  • Tarzan – Stunt Actor (WARNER BROS.)
  • Street Time – Actor (SHOWTIME)
  • Witchblade – Actor (WARNER BROS.)
  • Queer as Folk – Actor (SHOWTIME)
  • La Femme Nikita – Stunt Actor (WARNER BROS.)
  • Fantastic Four – Actor (Short Film)
  • Exhibit A – Actor (CTV)
  • Spot – Actor (Short Film)
  • A Gentle Voice – Actor (Short Film)
  • Snooze – Actor (Short Film)
  • 681-0638 – Actor (Feature)
  • 3 Martini Lunch – Actor (Short Film)
  • Dashan and Friends – Actor
  • Please Rewind – Actor (Short Film)
  • ©1999 – Actor (Short Film)
  • Calvin – Actor (Short Film)
  • Spero – Actor (Feature)
  • Filch – Actor (Short Film)
  • Waiting for the Tide – Actor (Music Video)


  • Tartuffe – Actor
  • “Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey” – Actor (Improv Troupe)
  • Twelfth Night – Actor
  • She Stoops to Conquer – Actor
  • The Bridesmaid From Hell – Actor
  • Lend Me a Tenor – Actor
  • The Rain of Terror – Actor
  • Love Sex and the IRS – Actor
  • Surprise – Actor
  • When We are Married – Actor
  • The Impossible Years – Actor
  • The Wizard of Oz – Actor
  • Oliver – Actor
  • A Christmas Carol – Actor
  • The White Chocolate – Actor, Writer, Producer