Kristen Corvers


Kristen Corvers

Kristen has been living in Toronto and getting her hands on every bit of art she can manage since the year 2000.  After graduating from The Randolph Academy she began performing in musicals and joined the dance company Aurora Live Inc.  Since then she has acted in short films, commercials, on television and in several off, off, off King Street plays.  She was one half of the hip hop duo “GoodBears”, and produced, directed and performed in live and video sketches with “The Wrong Box”. She is thrilled after all this time to finally be a part of the Toronto Fringe Festival.  Thanks to Triple Take and Good Egg for that.

Selected credits include: Alice in Closer (Blue Torch), Rachel in Goodnight Amherst (Teatro Comunque, Fringe 2010), and Egg in Reefer Madness (Hart House).

For Triple Take:

  • The Aquarium – Actor (Jeanette Woodruff)