Nicole Crozier


Nicole Crozier

Nicole is an actor who plays on both screen and stage. Acting professionally for nearly 10 years, her credits are numerous. Nicole currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa where she continues to play and from where she makes her annual pilgrimage to the big smoke every northern hemisphere summer. She decidedly does not like the cold.

For Triple Take:

  • Crime and Etiquette – Waitress
  • Sketch TV Pilot – Laundry Detergent Mom

Other Credits:


TV & Film

  • Pringles Campaign – Principal Actor (Europe)
  • Muller Light Campaign – Principal Actor (U.K)
  • Charlie Jade – Principal Actor  (South Africa/Canada)
  • American Psycho II – Actor (Lions Gate Films)
  • The Covenant – Principal Actor (Renegade Films)
  • Love Come Down – Actor (Film Works)
  • Moon Palace – Actor (Sight Unseen)
  • Urban Legend 2 – Actor (Phoenix Pictures)
  • Rated-X – Principal Actor (Showtime)
  • Drive – Lead Actor (Sight Unseen)
  • Dear Sarah – Lead Actor (Canadian Film Centre)
  • Twice In A Lifetime – Guest Lead                         
  • Traders – Actor (Alliance Atlantis)             
  • Straight Up – Lead Actor (CBC)                                     
  • Due South – Principal Actor (CBS)         
  • My Father’s Shadow – Principal Actor (CBS)                                        
  • Jack Reed V – Actor (NBC)


  • Jocasta Rising – Actor (Artscape Theatre, Cape Town, S.A)
  • Human Remains & the True Nature of Love – Actor (Martin Goodman Theatre, Toronto)
  • Reconstruction – Actor (Toronto)