Multi-instrumentalist Noise composes music for films and multi-media productions for clients such as The Royal Bank, Sony and Price-Waterhouse.  The Toronto-born musician also shares singing/songwriting duties for well dressed power-pop-punk trio The Parkdale Hookers (

Past projects include R.J. Downes’ Modern Ritual where he performed along side the actors on a percussion synthesizer, playing guitar and acoustic bass in the gin-soaked jazz–folk trio "Lost Parade" with Mahri Fyfe and Archie Hughes, as well as being a founding member of the wacko jazz-conglomerate "Braino", and copyright liberators "Surface Noise" – the music industry’s only modern music franchise.

When not making music, he is a principal of a small design and marketing firm.

For a sampling of some of Noise’s solo work visit

For Triple Take:

  • Last Dance of the Dark Cloaked Avenger – DCA Theme Music Composer, Song Arrangements and Graphic Designer, and Music Composer for the podcast episodes of "The Dark Cloaked Avenger"