A new novel from TTP, by Regan T. M. Pazuzu & Kevin Risk, coming in 2016!

A new novel from TTP, by Regan T. M. Pazuzu & Kevin Risk, coming in 2016!

They Suck, a feature film script by Kevin Risk and Regan T. M. Pazuzu is currently being adapted into a novel!  Which is likely WAY more interesting to read, except maybe if you’re a producer looking at scripts.  But for the rest of us, yeah, novels please!

Synopsis:  A mutated vampire with extraordinary and extremely unnatural thirsts rises from his grave.  One of his victims is a tidy, obsessive-compulsive named Nicole Ridley, who is later found “dying” by her enraptured, animal-loving fiancé, Robert Spavor.  Sadly, not understanding the nature of the attack on his girlfriend, Robert and his animals struggle in vain to save her.  A broken man, he stumbles off to a bar intending to drown his overwhelming sorrows.  Meanwhile, the city is being terrorized by the wantonly vicious attacks of the newly-born vampire Nicole.  Her lurid escapades soon attract the attention of the Head Vampire himself.  And it is not long before this same lusty, disgusting behaviour is drawn to the attention of her ex-lover, who then realizes the intense gravity of the situation.  Will Robert’s love for Nicole triumph over death?  He will make it so, or die trying!  He enlists the help of his troubled, childish friend Terry and together they wage a war against these new grotesque vampire mutations that culminates in the silliest, most vulgar, blood-stained, gory epic battle ever created!

Paperback copies will be available at Lulu, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble after Hallowe’en 2016!


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