All Episodes of “A Man of Great Importance…” are now available!

Including our latest and final episode:  Episode 13.  Check them all out anytime:

Episode 1:  Cats: First They Took the Internet…Next, the World?
Episode 2:  Seedless Watermelons
Episode 3:  Emojis
Episode 4:  Mannequins: Inanimate Plastic or Secret Overlords?
Episode 5:  The Rise of Cannibalism In All Things
Episode 6:  Pigeons
Episode 7:  Pop Stars
Episode 8:  Zombie Boy.  They’re Coming and He Knows it.  Will We Be Ready?
Episode 9:  Red-heads
Episode 10:  Yield Signs
Episode 11:  From Cookies to Cannibalism (Yes Cannibalism Again)
Episode 12:  Vegetables
Episode 13:  Nuclear Waste…It Touches Us All

screen-shot-raxlandreaScreen Shot DarcyJasScreen Shot JasConKevscreen-shot-andreajasScreen Shot AlbJasRobscreen-shot-jasstarfishscreen-shot-andreasookie

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