“Antigone” opens TONIGHT at the Fringe of Toronto Festival!

“Antigone” opens TONIGHT at the Fringe of Toronto Festival!

Soup Can Theatre presents ANTIGONE

By Sophocles (Translation by David Greene)
Published by the University of Chicago Press
Produced by permission of the publisher

July 4th-15th at the Randolph Theatre, Part of the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival

Soup Can Theatre is proud to announce its next production: a visceral and physical adaptation of Sophocles’ legendary tragedy ANTIGONE that ties ancient Greece and modern-day Toronto together by drawing inspiration from the searing images of the 2010 G20 Summit protests, as well as the worldwide ‘Occupy’ movement.  Triple Take alumni Kathryn Malek plays Eurydice!

Randolph Theatre – 736 Bathurst St, south of Bloor (formerly the Bathurst St. Theatre)

Wed July 4 – 6:30pm
Fri July 6 – 10:30pm
Sun July 8 – 1:15pm
Mon July 9 – 8:15pm
Tues July 10 – 1:00pm
Fri July 13 – 5:15pm
Sun July 15 – 7:00pm

Tickets are $10 and available at www.FringeToronto.com – ticket sales begin June 15th

Sophocles’ timeless story centres on Antigone, a young Theban woman determined to bury and honour her two brothers, both slain fighting on opposite sides of a senseless war. This act, in violation of an edict put forth by Creon, the iron-willed King of Thebes, forces her to both confront and defy his authority in the name of principle – a brave and noble choice with costly consequences.

Utilizing the play’s original text as the foundation for his vision, director Scott Dermody – in collaboration with his top-notch ensemble cast – has infused the production with elements of contact improv and physical theatre that reference iconic and incendiary visuals taken straight from the front pages. By revealing parallels between ANTIGONE and today’s politically divisive climate, Dermody aims to examine themes of social justice, humanity’s historic penchant for bilateral conflict, and the long-standing tradition of using rebellion as a tool for change.

ANTIGONE marks Soup Can Theatre’s return to the Toronto Fringe after their cabaret spectacle ‘Love is a Poverty You Can Sell’ took the 2010 festival by storm, garnering four and five star reviews, and being selected to participate in the coveted ‘Best of Fringe‘ performance series. ANTIGONE also follows in the footsteps of Soup Can Theatre’s stirring and critically acclaimed 2011 production of ‘Marat/Sade’ (nominated for three ‘My Theatre’ Awards and one ‘Broadway World’ Award) which too fused past and present, in keeping with their mandate to “reinterpret classic theatre for a twenty-first century audience.”

Past praise for Soup Can Theatre includes:

“Daring … Entertaining and heady theatre … It’s hard not to be blown away by this young company’s strength and ambition … ★★★★★” – Theatromania

“Impressive … Chilling … Uniformly delectable … ★★★★★” – NOW Magazine

“Stellar … Thoroughly entertaining … Constantly delights … ★★★★” – Eye Weekly

“Delightfully wicked … Had me cringing in my seat” – BlogTO

Antigone – Cydney Penner
Creon – Thomas Gough
Ismene – Leah Holder
Haemon – Glyn Bowerman
Eurydice – Kathryn Malek
Teiresias – Michael Mcleister
Sentry/Messenger 1 – Chloe Payne
Messenger 2 – John Chou
Chorus – Adriana Crivici, Daniel Kim, Heather Motut, & Aaron Rothermund

Director – Scott Dermody
Set Designer – Courtney Cathers
Costume/Prop Designer – Morgan-Leigh Hearty
Technical Director/Lighting Designer – Randy Lee
Sound Designer – Mike Rocha
Producers – Justin Haigh & Sarah Thorpe
Stage Manager – Alice Ferreyra
Assistant Stage Managers – Gabriel Nylund & Leslie Thorpe-Dermody

Soup Can Theatre is a vibrant Toronto-based theatre company dedicated to the reinterpretation of classic theatre for a twenty-first century audience. Our aim is to use existing works as a means to explore and comment on contemporary issues and societal challenges, and in so doing, to offer our audiences a theatrical experience that is both entertaining and enriching.


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