Antony & Miranda, a new “Shakespearean” play

Antony & Miranda, a new “Shakespearean” play

Regan is working on her new play titled Antony & Miranda.  It is written in iambic pentameter, for the most part, and she hopes to capture some minor percentage of the spirit that is Shakespeare.  If nothing else, it is a romantic comedy.  It it tentatively scheduled for publication in 2016, when it will be available through

Synopsis, or “the Cole’s notes”:  Miranda is a theatre actor and producer who adores the work of Shakespeare almost as much as her best friend Troilus likes to pompously direct them.  She is talented, beautiful, and intelligent.  She has it all, except true love.  That is, until Antony – equally lovable, fortunate and handsome – is cast in her production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  It would seem the two are meant to be.  But not if Miranda’s false friend and fellow actor, Tamora has anything to do with it.  Through a witchcraft curse and a deceitful affair with director Troilus, Tamora learns what she needs to do to destroy Miranda’s happiness:  cross her fate and prevent true happiness.

 Antony & Miranda-001

Interested in the rights to produce or co-produce the play?  Once it’s out, check out our Publishing and Licensing page for more info and contact us.  In the meantime, there’s several other wonderful plays available!

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