Assault on the Snakemen and Moopet Pastor on DVD

Assault on the Snakemen and Moopet Pastor on DVD

Recently, local B-movie filmmaker Adam Thorn debuted a double-feature DVD with Basement Videos that featured two of his films, Assault on the Snakemen and Moopet Pastor. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available through Basement Videos any.

Luckily, Adam is releasing a limited *Canadian* edition DVD of the two films with extra features—available from the end of August to mid September! More details to come—keep your eye on Riot at the Movies’ on tumblr and TTP’s blog for updates!

Assault on the Snakemen is about the heroic Rostar, sent to battle against an underground mutant gang of snakemen to gain an item of epic power!

Moopet Pastor (my personal fav) is about Father Colm Mcdwink, who must battle mysterious demons that endanger a young women…AND THE WORLD…when they take over the “bodies” of three innocent looking puppets!

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