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Space Zombies! Prologue

For the next few months, I’m giving you the first parts from each of my books in the “Trilogy of Horrifically Half-baked Ham” … starting with, let’s say, the pinky finger from my novelette movie adaptation, Space Zombies! … The Prologue. You’ll get the whole hand, better known as Chapter 1, in late April. Expect the big toe from They

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Candlemas Eve means just one thing to me…”Horror Hotel”!

Time for a new review…or a refreshed review for my “Birthday B-movie”, Horror Hotel, aka City of the Dead. What does this movie have to do with my birthday, February 2nd, you may ask? Well, the first portion of the film is centred around Candlemas Eve, which is February 1st (Candlemas is February 2nd). So, I have made it a

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My 13 Horrifically Silly Days of Halloween wraps up with a Bonus Day of the Dead feature…a preview of a sequel to my picture book “Mixter Twizzle’s Breakfast”…

It’s brief, and it will definitely need to be edited, possibly changing a lot before it’s finally published (and I have no idea when that will be…I’m at the very beginning of the process), but here’s a little preview of my first Halloween-themed children’s book, the second Mixter Twizzle tale: It’s that time of year In the neighbourhood of kale

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Day 13 of my 13 Horrifically Silly Days of Halloween — it’s HALLOWEEN at last! — with special effects artist and ghost storyteller, Rodd Matsui

TODAY IS THE DAY! And I have special guest Rodd Matsui, Special FX Artist and Ghost Storyteller. This time I’ve got an audio interview for you to listen to while you enjoy some associated imagery…check it out below, and have a ridiculously wonderful Halloween! Rodd’s novel The Night Visitors Book One: A Hot Friday Night was recently released! Click

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Day 11 of my 13 Horrifically Silly Days of Halloween…genre author Jen Frankel

She’s provided many a tale for my 12 Stories/Authors of the Holiday Season over the years, but I’ve never had her on my 13 Days blog. Now the situation is rectified…let’s welcome Jen! Check out our interview below: My chat with Jen made me think about my own horror-comedy, Horror at Terror Creek, the novella (there’s a play script

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