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Past Interviews…the filmmakers behind the short film “Giltrude’s Dwelling”

Check out my interview with the creators behind the web short “Giltrude’s Dwelling” from the 2019 Blood in the Snow Film Festival Web Bites Program: (Dir. Jeremy Lutter) (14:30 mins) Orphaned at the age of eleven, Giltrude, an interdimensional shut-in, has waited fifteen years for her parents to come home. When a life or death dilemma comes knocking, Giltrude must

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Past Interviews…The filmmakers behind “Hunters Moon”

Check out my interview with some of the folks behind the film Hunter’s Moon” at the 2019 Blood in the Snow Film Festival:  (Dir. Matt Campagna) CANADIAN PREMIERE (88 mins) A lavish launch party for a gaming app is interrupted by a priest who condemns the party guests as “marked for the beast,” they are convinced it’s a publicity stunt

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Basket Case, 1982

Basket Case is a B-movie cult classic written and directed by Frank Henenlotter. It’s about  a young man who carries around his deformed Siamese-twin brother inside a basket. The deformed twin brother seeks vengeance upon the doctors who separated the brothers years ago. Oh, and the film is now part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art!

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Past Interviews…the director of the short film “The Trainee”

Another interview from BITS 2019 – “The Trainee” from the Funny Frights Shorts festival segment: (Dir. Ryan Couldrey) (7:15 mins)A gritty anti-hero’s interrogation of a criminal mastermind is derailed when her naive sidekick arrives on the scene. MY TAKE: Originally a 48-hour film with a fun cast, particularly the Trainee herself!

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Available on TTP’s YouTube Channel … interviews with Canadian filmmakers

Over the past couple of years, we’ve racked up a fair few interviews with Canadian genre filmmakers through the Blood in the Snow Film Festival. We have also interviewed a number of actors, writers, publishers, broadcasters/programmers, festival directors, directors, and more through the now annual 13 Horrifically Silly Days of Halloween. Today, I’d like to remind you about one of

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Interview with Amelia Moses, director of BLOODTHIRSTY

A rather wonderful film I reviewed during last year’s Blood in the Snow Film Festival was released in the US Friday, April 23rd, 2021, and on iTunes and all major VOD platforms in Canada! I had the opportunity to speak with the film’s director Amelia Moses… BLOODTHIRSTY is the name of the film, and it recently garnered 2 nominations from

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Regan covered the Blood in the Snow Festival in November 2019 – Day 4 Pt 2!

DARK VISIONS BITS SHORTS PROGRAM, followed by HUNTER’S MOON with short BREAK IN BREAK OUT ROMI (Dir. Robert Cuffley) (10:00 mins) A woman is terrorized by her virtual assistant after it dredges up an ugly event from her past. MY TAKE: Creepy and clever…totally tweaked my distrust of Alexa-type devices! THE THOUGHT OF YOU (Dir. Elvis Deane) (8:34 mins) A

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Regan covered the Blood in the Snow Festival in November 2019 – Day 4 Pt 1!

EMERGING SCREAMS BITS SHORTS SHOWCASE PROGRAM, followed by M.A.J.I.C. with short SONGS MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME SPECTRE (Dirs. Gabriela Diacon & Mariana Diacon) (4:08 mins) Things turn sinister at midnight when Anna realizes a presence in her house. MY TAKE: A creepy traditional haunted house tale! SOLITUDE (Dir. Andrew Fleming) (5.24 mins) In this short thriller a man disconnects from his

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Regan covered the Blood in the Snow Festival in November 2019 – Day 3 Pt 2

DEAD DICKS with short SKY SO BLUE, followed by THE NIGHTS BEFORE CHRISTMAS with short ONE IN TWO PEOPLE (Dir. Chris Bavota, Lee Paula Springer) TORONTO PREMIERE (83 mins) After Becca receives a distressing call from her suicidal brother Richie, she rushes over to his apartment and finds him alive and well – surrounded by copies of his own dead

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Regan covered the Blood in the Snow Festival in November 2019 – Day 3 Pt 1

THE FUNNY FRIGHTS BITS SHORTS PROGRAM THE VIDEO STORE COMMERCIAL (Dirs. Cody Kennedy and Tim Rutherford) (4.10 mins) A desperate video store owner hires a crew to shoot a commercial in his shop. But when they accidentally destroy a cursed VHS, suddenly, all their lives are in danger – and worse yet, the commercial may never get finished. MY TAKE:

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