And on with the B-movie horrors…Part 3

Time for some of those “so bad they’re good” movies…and these ones have semi-impressive casting! The Devil’s Rain, 1975, the year of my birth…mwah-ha-ha-ha…starring William Shatner, Tom Skerrit, Ernest Borgnine,...
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B-movies that I love and inspire me…Part 1

B-movies have been a big part of my life for many years, and what better time of year to celebrate them than October and the Halloween season! Some of the B-movies on my list are legit good movies and others are so bad they’re good, if you get me. ...
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Up to 30% off on TTP Publications for the rest of the year!

It’s Triple Take’s 25th anniversary and we’re offering 30% off all our published scripts and 20% off our published novella adaptations! You can find the Space Zombies! novella HERE. You can find the They Suck novella HERE. You can find...
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Memories from Triple Take past…Kevin Risk

Last memory, for now, anyway.  A few stragglers may come in, but for now, let’s wrap up with Kevin Risk… Kevin: It’s hard not to think of the casts and crews when I think of Triple Take shows. From my first play with TTP (Crime and Etiquette)...
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Memories of Triple Take past…Jason Reilly

It’s time to hear from Moral Man…a Man of Great Importance…Narrator of Space Zombies…Jason Reilly… Jason: Lots of fun memories from Triple Take and one that stands out is filming the YouTube segments for the anniversary of...
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Memories of Triple Take past…R.J. Downes

We’re winding down, but still a few memories to go!  Today, we have an original founder, R. J. (Rob) Downes… Rob:  My favourite memory of Triple Take is working on Crime and Etiquette and noticing that a certain actor was always hanging...
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Memories of Triple Take past…Conor McCreery

It’s Triple Take’s 25th anniversary all year this year, after all, so we continue with the memories.  Here’s something from Conor McCreery… Conor: It’s tough to come up with just one favourite memory from Triple Take, I...
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Memories from Triple Take past…Allison McWood

We continue on with memories from many members of Triple Take Productions…today, Allison McWood… Allison: The one memory that stands out for me was how a prop from It Was Kit cultivated its own fan base. Stiffy the dead rat was used as a comedic...
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Memories of Triple Take past…Maureen Bell

And now, a memory from my mom!… Maureen: By simply being Regan’s Mom, I became part of Triple Take Productions. My involvement so far, has ranged from wardrobe person to Executive Producer. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with...
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Memories from Triple Take past…Shina Ahmad

And we continue throughout the week with memories from TTP members in celebration of Triple Take’s 25th anniversary.  Today, Shina Ahmad, one of the original founders… Shina:  My favorite memories of Triple Take were when it was still in...
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