“Conspiracy” Reading at Grace Church on the Hill

“Conspiracy” Reading at Grace Church on the Hill

Heretofore Productions will be putting on the first Toronto production of Conspiracy as a staged reading at Grace Church on the Hill at 300 Lonsdale Road (Toronto), on Saturday January 19th at 7:30pm, with author Loring Mandel in attendance. No charge for admission.

The play concerns the events of the Wannsee Conference which took place on January 20th, 1942 just outside of Berlin. Several high ranking German officials and SS officers came together to discuss the Final Solution in chilling terms. 

Stephen Flett (who performed in It Was Kit and …Dark Cloaked Avenger)and Kevin Robinson (our stunt/"farce" choreographer for The Aquarium) will be performing.
Mike Atlin – Wilhelm Stuckart
Martin Chodorek – Rudolf Lange
Peter Coy – Roland Freisler
Andrew Crabtree – Adolf Eichmann
Stephen Flett – Friedrich Kritzinger
Mirza Gluhic – Alfred Meyer
Leeman Kessler – Narration
Tim Nussey – Erich Neumann
Jesse Phillips – Heinrich Muller
Phil Rickaby – Josef Buhler
Kevin Robinson – Karl Schongarth
David Smith – Georg Leibbrandt
Chip Thompson – Otto Hofman
Will van der Zyl – Reinhard Heydrich
Daniel Wyse – Martin Luther
Michael Yaneff – Gerhard Klopfer

With a special appearance by Canon Peter Walker

The reading will be followed by a Q&A with author and cast

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