Day 13…It’s HALLOWEEN! My turn! An excerpt from the latest revision of the next Mixter Twizzle picture book…

Day 13…It’s HALLOWEEN! My turn! An excerpt from the latest revision of the next Mixter Twizzle picture book…

It’s my turn…and I’m bringing you an excerpt of the latest version of my sequel to Mixter Twizzle’s Breakfast! Right now it’s called Trick-or-Treating With Twizzle, but that’s not it’s final title. For that, you’ll have to wait for the eventual cover reveal. For now, enjoy the ever-evolving story that takes place on Halloween…

Trick-or-Treating With Twizzle (excerpt)
by Regan W. H. Macaulay

It happens to be that time of year,
In the neighbourhood of kale
Where ornamental cabbages adorn
The gardens and boulevards,
Mini demon and imp extraordinaire
Mixter Twizzle does conjure his friends
For the one time of year they might
Galavant in the public square
Both disguised and on full public display!

It is Halloween,
The eve of thin veils
Between the world of peoples and animals,
And the land of shadows where monsters do dwell–
When they are not cavorting with chickens
And other farm friends.

It is this time of year,
Mixter Twizzle’s hundred and thirteenth,
He dresses his young chick–
Now well on her way to henhood–
In the garb of a spooky creature
So she might go forth with Twizzle and
Their farm cat friend, known as Mei Mei,
And the mash of Mixter’s monsters
Into the night of revels and treats.
This is also the night he tells the young hen
Halloween lets you be
Any old thing, but the best thing you can be
Is your very best self.

“So, is Halloween for being someone else,
Or for being yourself?” Harley enquires.
Mixter tells the young chicken that it is her choice
To escape into something she’s very much not
Or to fully be what you sometimes choose to hide–
For that part of yourself you choose to keep hidden…
“…sometimes it is’lls the most truest you.”
Mei Mei nods sagely after Mixter explains.

When his little hen is dressed and ready
He casts his invocation spell
To call on his friends from beyond the veil
Who do not live beneath a coop at Riverdale Farm
Like Mixter does.
All the while, Harley wonders if there is something
Inside of herself that she needs to show the world.

A dash of witch hazel into a pot of hot water,
A splash of pumpkin spice latte
With cinnamon-sprinkled whipped cream,
A pinch of petrified candy corn,
A smash of smirking jack-o-lantern
To make the water ripple through time.
Then Mixter mixes, one, two, three…

…the froth bubbles forth
And explodes with light and smoke.
Then it is the right time for Mixter’s chant…
“On Gnazzlebook Aaron,
On Cinobrillow Brawn,
On Shockofane Jack’s Son,
On Swizzfizzbinn Roarfaction,
…and Frank!
Sallies forthwith and meets with me
For Halloween treatses and revelses of glee!”

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