Day 3 of the 12 Tales of the Holiday Season…Tonya Cartmell

Day 3 of the 12 Tales of the Holiday Season…Tonya Cartmell

Welcome to Day 3! Today, I’ve got a poem for you from children’s author Tonya Cartmell…presenting Without you at Christmas

For many, Christmas is a time of joy, lights, love, family, and faith. We cuddle up and watch movies while drinking hot chocolate. Our homes are filled with the smell of baking cookies made from recipes that only come out once a year. We host dinners and parties with our friends and family.  Some of us loudly sing Christmas carols without caring who hears. 

This year, I’ve been reminded that for some people, Christmas can bring sadness, loneliness, and memories of what has been lost.  

I originally had other ideas for this blog post but my heart wanted to share these thoughts.  If you are missing someone this Christmas and struggling to find joy, I hope you know you are not alone. 

Without you at Christmas 
by Tonya Cartmell

Christmas around me lacks lustre. 
The carols fall flat on my ears. 
No stockings hang on the mantel. 
The tree is now watered by tears. 

Christmas joy left me when you did. 
Our lives forever intertwined. 
I don’t want Christmas without you. 
I wish you were still by my side. 

Christmas has signs you are near me. 
Like feathers or dimes on the ground. 
Please whisper the words I love you. 
My sad heart longs to hear that sound. 

I don’t feel Christmas without you. 
I’m scared to remember the past. 
Your love and laughter has left me. 
Will remembering make them last?

When her first children’s book, Twelve Days of Rescue, was published in 2020, Tonya fulfilled her dream of becoming a published author. Her second book, Pa’s Hockey Sweaterwas published in 2021. Tonya’s first middle-grade novel Second Hand Witch came out in 2022.
When not working, writing, or reading, Tonya enjoys spending her time with family, both human and four-legged. In the warmer months, you can find her up north working on the cottage or relaxing by the fire. Tonya also loves going on adventures, looking for new story ideas.  
Watch for Tonya’s children’s books, Our Dream Adventures, and Dragonfly Magic coming in 2024 from Pandamonium Publishing House.

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