IT WAS KIT has been extended! 


NOW INCLUDES NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN, PREVIOUSLY CUT SCENES AND SPECIAL GUEST STARS BRUCE HUNTER (Mean Girls; Puppets Who Kill) and MARK ALLAN (Welcome to Eden, Population: 2 – Toronto Fringe 2006; Forever Plaid – Stage West)!!! 


It will be remounted as part of  The Best of the Fringe holdover festival at the Diesel Playhouse July 26-30!  For those of you who haven’t seen it, this is your chance – don’t miss out!  For those of you who have seen it, you’ll want to see it again and catch those new scenes!

IT WAS KIT: The ‘True’ Story of Christopher Marlowe… Come and see it – or off with your head!
Starring:  Chris Coculuzzi, Mark Allan, Graham Coffeng, Stephen Flett, Chantale Groulx, Bruce Hunter, Kelsey Matheson, Scott Moore, Jason Reilly, Kevin Risk, Melissa-Jane Shaw and Jeff White.  Sunday show only – Albert Masters

Toronto Star:  Recommended.  "This study of the Elizabethan playwright is pretty amusing…the cast carry the day, including Chris Coculuzzi as a befuddled Marlowe, Kevin Risk as an obsequious Shakespeare, Jeff White (who turns Thomas Kyd into the roommate from hell) and Graham Coffeng as a hapless secret agent. Kelsey Matheson and Melissa-Jane Shaw bring some welcome Elizabethan sexiness, plus fine comedy skills, to a variety of roles". – Richard Ouzounian

NOW:  NNN.  "Allison McWood’s look at the life (and death) of Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe is sometimes entertaining, sometimes silly, with broad characterizations and a fine central performance by Chris Coculuzzi, who moves easily from comic to serious. It’s a crowd-pleasing farce with a contemporary tone…". – Jon Kaplan  
EYE:  4 stars.  "Rolicking revisionist history “solves” the mystery of Marlowe’s bar-room death and posits that bad-ass Christopher (Kit) got framed by his base contemporaries. This sharp, hilarious and plot-twisted story is more comic than tragic, which fits well with the play’s assertion that gloom didn’t enter Shakespeare’s work until Kit was dispatched". – Tyler Clark Burke  

Ticket Prices: $15 for It Was Kit only or $20 for two shows in one night, including It Was Kit.  For More Info or Advance Tickets Call 416-971-5656 or www.dieselplayhouse.com

Length of Show

75 Min.


The Diesel Playhouse – 56 Blue Jays Way – www.dieselplayhouse.com 

Show Times

  • Wed, July 26 7PM
  • Thurs, July 27 9PM
  • Fri, July 28 9PM
  • Sat, July 29 7PM
  • Sun, July 30 9PM

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