Hallowe’en Projects…Part 7

Hallowe’en Projects…Part 7

Strictly speaking, this was not a project, but I think those who participated will agree that it really did feel like a production.  😉

Our wedding, on Hallowe’en night, 2004.

We weaved in autumn themes, touches of Lord of the Rings, a good dose of Hallowe’en of course, as well as flourishes of our Celtic and Scottish backgrounds.

I also couldn’t resist having bundles of balloons for centre pieces surrounded by gourdes on the table tops, and jack-o-lanterns decorating the buffet tables.  My white and crystal dress and the cake with a pattern matching my dress were meant as reminders of the chill of winter yet to come.  Guests were encouraged to wear a little plaid.
Everyone from my new husband, to many of our guests had previously been involved in a number of my/our productions, including the horror-related projects of my previous posts.  Conor, or Zombie Lord, was one of our videographers.  Johnny (camera operator for Space Zombies, and designer of the Triple Take website) and Dave (Bill the Vet Tech from Space Zombies and one of Triple Take’s graphic designers) were our DJs, Sandra and Darcy (Mourning girl and Zombie Boy respectively) sang during the ceremony, Kyle (Boolashacka!) directed the short plays at the reception which were written by Rob (co-writer/writer of The Scary Bitch Project, Silencer, Watching Mr. Body and episodes from A Man of Great Importance…among many other things) and Allison (writer of episodes from A Man of Great Importance…among several other things Triple Take has produced and tons of other things we haven’t).  Rob was also my best man and MC, and had also played characters in The Scary Bitch Project, Watching Mr. Body and Space Zombies! and performed in readings for They Suck and Horror at Terror Creek.  Allison was Kevin’s maid of honour.  Kelsey was my maid of honour and she had appeared in Space Zombies as Betsey, and They Suck readings.  Kim (The Scary Bitch Project, Watching Mr. Body, Balaclava, Space Zombies), Albert (Space Zombies, They Suck), Conor (Watching Mr. Body, Space Zombies, They Suck), Kyle (Space Zombies, They Suck) and Erin (Balaclava trailer) performed in the plays, Kevin’s Dad provided a couple of locations for Space Zombies, my Mom was the Executive Producer (and location manager and costumes) for Space Zombies and appeared in The Scary Bitch Project, as did my Step-Dad (the Fisherman!).  My parents were also wranglers (of our kitty, Mr. Frodo) for Watching Mr. Body and financed the camera that shot Balaclava, Space Zombies, and parts of the wedding itself!

There were also a ton of guests who were involved in other, non-spooky (but still, probably funny) productions involving Kev and myself, sometimes produced, written or directed by others.

Of course, Kevin was involved in all of the spooky/silly productions post 2001, as well as the productions that were not so scary, but were definitely funny.  To date the production he was most involved in, besides our marriage, was Space Zombies, where he was the DOP, Associate Producer, Sound Editor/Designer, Special Effects Editor/Designer, and the star!  He had to handle technical aspects of its distribution right up to a little bit of prep work done for the DVD release this past spring!  Finally, I think he is rid of this monster of a movie, but he’ll never be rid of me.  😉

I edited the wedding video/DVD that resulted from the tons of footage captured by Conor and his friend, as well as footage from our own productions and readings and test screenings and even a stop-motion film Kevin created in high school as an homage to Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas.  The DVD took a long time for me to finish, as I wanted to create a narrative that takes the viewer through events just before,  during and after the ceremony (at the reception), but also filled in background on and paid tribute to all our loved ones involved in our special day.

I’m really hoping we can have an anniversary/Halloween party – this time, in costume – in 2018 (our 15th anniversary)!  I can’t wait to be a Zombie Bride.  😉

Happy 12th anniversary, Kevin!  I love you SO much!

And now, it’s finally Hallowe’en!  Go on and celebrate as you see fit.  Watch horror movies (especially my horror movie!).  See a live theatrical production especially tailored to the day.  Beg for candy door-to-door, or give out candy, lest you be egged or TP’ed.  Check out one of the parties, or local haunted house attractions.  Go on a ghost walking tour.  Don’t miss out!  It’s only a once a year kinda thing…like Treehouse of Horror – (a) yearly custom (that) became an annual tradition.

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