“It Was Kit” and “Shakespeare’s Brain” published online!

“It Was Kit” and “Shakespeare’s Brain” published online!

Allison McWood’s It Was Kit: The "True" Story of Christopher Marlowe, originally produced by Triple Take Productions and Mad Frau Productions for the Fringe of Toronto Festival and the Best of the Fringe at the Diesel Playhouse in 2006, has now been published online at Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare, an online anthology of rare plays (University of Guelph).  Shakespeare’s Brain, also written by Allison McWood and directed by Regan Macaulay for this past New Ideas Festival at the Alumnae Theatre, has been published on the same site as well, along with another play by Allison entitled The Embarressing Life of King Ficklefred.

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It Was Kit  was originally directed and produced by Regan Macaulay, Dan Staheli also produced and Kelsey Matheson was Executive Producer.   The Fringe hit featured:  Chris Coculuzzi (Kit Marlowe), Graham Coffeng (Ingram Frizer), Stephen Flett (Blob Poley), Chantale Groulx (Catherine Arthur and Queen Elizabeth), John Healy (John Marlowe and Nicholas Skeres), Albert Masters (Faustus, Danby and Officer 2), Kelsey Matheson (Anne Hathaway, Tamburlaine and Atheist 2), Scott Moore (Robert Greene), Kevin Risk (Will Shakespeare), Melissa-Jane Shaw (Madam Bull and Atheist 1) and Jeff White (Thomas Kyd).  The Diesel Playhouse run also featured Mark Allan (Nicholas Skeres) and Bruce Hunter (John Marlowe).  R.J. Downes stage managed, Michelle Bailey designed the costumes (assisted by Devon Bhim) and Mauri Hall composed/adapted the music and sound.  Kevin Risk and Melissa-Jane Shaw associate produced and James Wisteard was the Assistant Stage Manager and Assistant Director.  Johnny Vong was the Graphic Designer and Melissa-Jane Shaw was our publicist.

Shakespeare’s Brain was produced by the Alumnae Theatre Company for the New Ideas Festival in the spring of 2007.  It was directed by Regan Macaulay, stage managed by Lynn Whitehouse and featured Kevin Risk as Shakespeare, Albert Masters as Darwin, Andrea Lyons as Professor Blather and Jason Reilly as Professor Blather.  Sound design by Kevin Risk and some wardrobe and alterations by Maureen Bell.  Caron Garside was Technical Director and Takiko Shiozaki operated lights.

Click here for the database listings – to see original production credits, scroll down to "McWood, Allison", highlight one of the plays, and click "Display Entry".

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