“It Was Kit” is cast! Check out the talent!

“It Was Kit” is cast! Check out the talent!

Triple Take has completed auditions and has cast all the roles for the up-coming Fringe play, It Was Kit.  The show is all crewed-up as well.  Check out the Who’s Who section for more detailed bios on these very talented actors and crew!


  • Christopher (Kit) Marlowe:  Chris Coculuzzi
  • Ingram Frizer (spy):  Graham Coffeng
  • Blob Poley (spy):  Stephen Flett
  • Catherine Arthur (Kit’s mother) / Queen Elizabeth I:  Chantale Groulx
  • John (Kit’s father) / Nicholas Skeres (spy):  John Healy
  • Dr. Faustus / Danby (Queen’s Coroner) / Officer 2:  Albert Masters
  • Anne Hathaway (Will’s wife) / Atheist 2 / Tamburlaine:  Kelsey Matheson
  • Robert Greene:  Scott Moore
  • Dick Baines / Officer 1:  Jason Reilly
  • William Shakespeare:  Kevin Risk
  • Madam Bull / Atheist 1:  Melissa-Jane Shaw
  • Thomas Kyd:  Jeff White


  • Producer (Triple Take Productions) / Director:  Regan Macaulay
  • Producer (Mad Frau Productions) / Playwright:  Allison McWood
  • Executive Producer:  Kelsey Matheson
  • Producer (Mad Frau Productions):  Dan Staheli
  • Associate Producer:  Kevin Risk
  • Composer / Sound Designer:  Mauri Hall
  • Costume Designer:  Michelle Bailey
  • Stage Manager / Sound Operator:  Rob Downes
  • Assistant Director / Assistant Stage Manager:  James Wisteard
  • Costumer Design Assistant:  Devon Bhim
  • Publicist:  Melissa-Jane Shaw
  • Graphic Designer – Program/Poster/Postcard:  Johnny Vong
  • Designer of the Graphic for the Official Fringe Program:  Dave Krstin

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