“It Was Kit” is cast! Check out the talent!

Triple Take has completed auditions and has cast all the roles for the up-coming Fringe play, It Was Kit.  The show is all crewed-up as well.  Check out the Who’s Who section for more detailed bios on these very talented actors and crew!


  • Christopher (Kit) Marlowe:  Chris Coculuzzi
  • Ingram Frizer (spy):  Graham Coffeng
  • Blob Poley (spy):  Stephen Flett
  • Catherine Arthur (Kit’s mother) / Queen Elizabeth I:  Chantale Groulx
  • John (Kit’s father) / Nicholas Skeres (spy):  John Healy
  • Dr. Faustus / Danby (Queen’s Coroner) / Officer 2:  Albert Masters
  • Anne Hathaway (Will’s wife) / Atheist 2 / Tamburlaine:  Kelsey Matheson
  • Robert Greene:  Scott Moore
  • Dick Baines / Officer 1:  Jason Reilly
  • William Shakespeare:  Kevin Risk
  • Madam Bull / Atheist 1:  Melissa-Jane Shaw
  • Thomas Kyd:  Jeff White


  • Producer (Triple Take Productions) / Director:  Regan Macaulay
  • Producer (Mad Frau Productions) / Playwright:  Allison McWood
  • Executive Producer:  Kelsey Matheson
  • Producer (Mad Frau Productions):  Dan Staheli
  • Associate Producer:  Kevin Risk
  • Composer / Sound Designer:  Mauri Hall
  • Costume Designer:  Michelle Bailey
  • Stage Manager / Sound Operator:  Rob Downes
  • Assistant Director / Assistant Stage Manager:  James Wisteard
  • Costumer Design Assistant:  Devon Bhim
  • Publicist:  Melissa-Jane Shaw
  • Graphic Designer – Program/Poster/Postcard:  Johnny Vong
  • Designer of the Graphic for the Official Fringe Program:  Dave Krstin