“It Was Kit” to be remounted…at St. Andrew’s College

The 2006 Fringe of Toronto Festival and Best of the Fringe (Diesel Playhouse) hit, It Was Kit:  The "True" Story of Christopher Marlowe by Allison McWood, is about to receive the remount treatment!  The production includes an all student cast of 12 up-and-coming actors, mostly students from St. Andrew’s College in Aurora.  Regan Macaulay returns to direct this new cast of young Renaissance men and women in the production that was deemed a "rollicking revisionist history…" by Tyler Clarke Burke of Eye Magazine and "…a crowd-pleasing farce with a contemporary tone…" by Jon Kaplan of Now Magazine.  Costume Designer Michelle Bailey and the fabulous omni-garment costumes make a return as well, as does the original "actor" and prop, Stiffy, the rat!

Performances run in May 2008 during the Focus Festival, on campus at St. Andrew’s College, 15800 Yonge Street, Aurora, Ontario.  Please check back for further updates and details.  Also, visit St. Andrew’s College’s drama dept. website for more info.