“Last Dance of The Dark Cloaked Avenger”

Triple Take Productions is proud to announce a new co-production venture with Beautiful Lie Productions, Rob Downes’ theatre company.  Last Dance of The Dark Cloaked Avenger will be produced at the Alumnae Theatre (70 Berkeley Street, Toronto) May 16-20, and May 23-27, 2007.  Casting is expected to take place in early 2007.  Please check back for more updates and for information on the auditions.

Last Dance of The Dark Cloaked Avenger:  a dark comedy about death in the form of a 1940s radio play.  Arthur Warnes, the star of a long-running suspense thiller radio serial, The Dark Cloaked Avenger, is found outside his apartment, shot dead. While a police detective tries to solve the murder in the real world, Arthur wakes up to find himself inside a studio in the afterlife performing from a script written about his very own murder. Life and death ultimately collide as both men try to figure out who-done-it, both with the help and hinderance of the rest of the cast and crew of The Dark Cloaked Avenger Hour, sponsored as always by "Brentons Biscuits" – Westside City’s tastiest after dinner treat.