We have some set pieces from our 2010 Fringe play, "The Aquarium", stored out in Etobicoke and we’re looking to re-home them.  Anyone who is interested in "permanently borrowing" one or more of these pieces (meaning we *may*, at some point, ask to borrow a piece temporarily if we’re putting on a play or shooting a film and could use a particular set piece – only if that set piece isn’t currently being used in another production or in a similar capacity…it would be returned after the production), please contact us ASAP and we’ll work out a way to get it to you, or arrange a time for you to pick it up.  Please feel free to pass this on to anyone/any theatre company/film company you think might be interested.  Here’s what we’ve got:

– a "loveseat" sized couch – it is missing one cushion, which sucks, but it’s in good shape otherwise

– a small end table

– a stand or table that we used for the aquarium in "The Aquarium" – we *may* also still have the aquarium itself, but I’m not sure

– a counter or bookshelf that we used in "The Aquarium" flower shop

– a pillar or stand (this was used for the birdcage in "The Aquarium")

– a bench (supposed to be a subway bench)

– a door and frame – this is definitely something we may need to borrow back temporarily during a future production

You can contact Regan Macaulay or Kevin Risk through Facebook, or the contact section of this site.