Kevin Risk

Kevin Risk graduated from theatre school at York University in 2000 and completed his MA in drama at the University of Toronto in 2006. Since then, he has gone on to other pursuits. He completed his TESL Ontario certificate from the Toronto District School Board in 2008 and taught English to international students.  Following that, he returned to the University of Toronto and earned his MI in 2012 so he could transition into librarianship.

He has appeared in various stage productions, including Modern Ritual (A Beautiful Lie/David Goyette), Titus Andronicus (Hart House Theatre), The Paradise Lust Romance Series, Crime and Etiquette, It Was Kit (Triple Take Productions), Shakespeare’s Brain (New Ideas), and Conscientia (New Ideas and SummerWorks).  Kevin also starred in Triple Take’s feature film Space Zombies:  13 Months of Brain-Spinning Mayhem!  He was also Director of Photography, Sound Designer/Editor and Special Effects Editor for this film, which aired on SPACE and Drive-In Classics 2004-2007 and is now available on iTunes.  Kevin was one of the editors for Fairy Tale II (aired on OUTtv) and Literature Alive (aired on Bravo!) and was also Sound Editor for a series of audio books, as well as five 15-minute documentaries that aired on CBC Radio (for Leda Serene Films and CaribbeanTales).  He also worked on the post-production sound for Leda Serene Films’ feature film, A Winter Tale and edited an episode from their series, Heart Beat. Kevin is currently a Media Librarian at the CBC and has completed his first novel.

For/With Triple Take:

  • Space Zombies:  13 Months of Brain-Spinning Mayhem! (feature film script) – Co-Writer with Regan Macaulay – published as a digest-format book on in September 2012
  • The Aquarium – Co-Producer, Dramaturg, Sound Design
  • The Dark Cloaked Avenger Series – Sound Recording and Mixing
  • Without Whom – Associate Producer, Sound Recorder and Graphic Designer
  • Last Dance of the Dark Cloaked Avenger – Associate Producer, Sound Recording and Sound Effects, Sound Recording and Mixing for “The Dark Cloaked Avenger” podcast episodes, Actor (Misc. roles:  KROK Announcer, Virgil, the Coroner, a Thug, a Police Officer, Arthur’s Father, a Jingle Singer) – 2007
  • It Was Kit – Associate Producer, Actor (William Shakespeare) – 2006
  • The Space Zombies Trilogy and Feature – Co-Writer, Actor (Dr. Vic McNaughton), D.O.P., Special Effects and Animation Editor, Sound Editor, Co-Designer of the puppet – 2004
  • Sketch TV (pilot) – Actor (Lack-an-Accent Foundation, Crazy Mike), Sound Editor – 2003
  • The Paradise Lust Romance Series – Actor (Norbert), Lighting and Sound Designer, Co-Editor of the videotaped show – 2002
  • Balaclava – Actor (Justin), Camera Operator, Co-Editor, Sound Editor and Designer – 2001
  • Crime and Etiquette – Actor (Sherman) – 2001
  • Lady Luck – Writer, Co-Director, Co-Producer (radio play mini-series in development), Actor (The Finder)
  • Unwanted Guests – Producer, Writer (short film in development), Actor (Jeff), FX and Sound Editor – ON HOLD
  • Seeing the Light (in development) – Writer (one-act play), Actor (Gregory Pasternak)
  • They Suck (in development) – Co-Writer, Actor (Robert), Associate Producer
  • The Silencer (in development) – Actor, Associate Producer, Producer of the behind-the-scenes companion documentary
  • Antony and Miranda (in development) – Co-Writer, Producer, Actor (Antony)

Other Credits:

  • CBC (Media Librarian) December 2012-Current
  • ELS Language School (English as a Second Language) 2009-2012
  • Sex on the Beach – Actor (Ben – for the New Ideas Festival, 2010)
  • The Incredible Vanishing Cannibal – Writer (short story, published June 2009 in The Absent Willow Review)
  • Conscientia – Actor (Stephen – for Well-Cradle Productions at the SummerWorks Festival)
  • Heart Beat – Editor (documentary episode about music group “The Sattalites” – produced by Leda Serene Films and CaribbeanTales)
  • Shakespeare’s Brain – Actor (Shakespeare – for the New Ideas Festival, 2007)
  • Conscientia – Actor (Stephen – for the New Ideas Festival, 2007)
  • A Winter Tale – Post-Production Sound – track laying (feature film)
  • A Delicate Balance – Stage Manager (University of Toronto)
  • Literature Alive – Sound Editor (audio interview series including interviews with Nalo Hopkinson, Ramabai Espinet, Olive Senior, Honor Ford-Smith and Tessa McWatt’s – produced by Leonie Forbes, CaribbeanTales and Leda Serene Films for CBC Radio)
  • Literature Alive – Sound Editor (audio book series including Nalo Hopkinson’s Skin Folk, Ramabai Espinet’s The Swinging Bridge, Olive Senior’s Gardening in the Tropics, Honor Ford-Smith’s My Mother’s Last Dance and Tessa McWatt’s This Body – produced by Leonie Forbes, CaribbeanTales and Leda Serene Films)
  • Literature Alive – Editor (documentary episodes “Gardening with Olive” and “Jemeni in the City” – produced by Leda Serene Films and CaribbeanTales)
  • Seasoned with Spite – Writer (participant at MiniFest by Acadia Theatre Company, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, 2005)
  • I Now Pronounce You… – Camera Operator, Editor (3 episodes)
  • Fairy Tale (season 2) – Camera Operator, Editor (6 episodes)
  • Titus Andronicus – Actor (for Hart House Theatre)
  • The Crucible – Actor (for Hart House Theatre)
  • Ordinary Times – Actor (staged reading at the New Ideas Festival)
  • Renaissance Man – Writer, Producer, Sound Designer/Editor (radio play)
  • The Wayfarers – Writer, Producer, Sound Designer/Editor (radio play)
  • It Was Kit – Director (staged reading at Ground Zero, York University)
  • A Mid-Autumn’s Nightmare – Writer (radio play)
  • Tempest – Co-Director, Co-Producer, Actor (produced by his theatre company, The Alchemist’s Lab)
  • Julius Caesar – Actor (Marc Antony (understudy) – for Hart House Theatre)
  • Down Raglan Road (in development) – Writer (radio play and full-length play)
  • Renaissance Man (in development)– Writer (full-length play)