Memories from Triple Take past…Johnny Vong

Memories from Triple Take past…Johnny Vong

This week and next, Triple Take will be sharing favourite memories from various members, past and present.  Why?  Because Sunday July 29th is our 25th ANNIVERSARY!!!

First up, Johnny Vong, who worked on camera (and more) on Space Zombies: 13 Months of Brain-Spinning Mayhem!

Johnny:  It felt like an innocent time. Initially I was asked to do some pretty light camera work. But then somehow… I ended up in front of the camera. My over-acting in a cameo appearance in Space Zombies was particularly fun and memorable.

Check out a couple of Johnny’s on camera moments HERE in the trailer for Space Zombies 2.

Thanks for all your incredible technical work and some really long days working with Triple Take, Johnny!

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