Memories from Triple Take past…Judy Singh

Memories from Triple Take past…Judy Singh

Another day, another memory for Triple Take’s 25 anniversary!  This time, we hear from Judy Singh, a major contributor to TTP…

Judy:  I have so many wonderful memories from my days working with TTP. From laughter-filled writing sessions, to the stress of singing on stage (Music and Laughter) to practicing fake crying in the middle of the woods in Fergus (The Scary Bitch Project), there are countless moments when I thought, wow, this is something really special that I’m a part of. But I think the most special part of it all was to have reconnected with my childhood friends, by chance, after so many years. It was shocking to see Regan in my class in our first year at Ryerson, to recognize her immediately and then instantly become friends again. Then to learn she was still in touch with Robert (Downes) and to begin working with them was, really, not just serendipitous but a true honour. We had great fun writing, performing and really challenging ourselves to keep producing great work. I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for Regan, I know I wouldn’t have (couldn’t have) helped produce so much to be so proud of. She is such a driven producer, talented writer and overall sweet person, every time we wrapped up one thing and she presented another, I just couldn’t say no. I am grateful for so many wonderful opportunities, memories and achievements from my involvement with TTP, that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. Thank you Regan, Rob and Triple Take for including me in so many diverse and dynamic productions. Happy 25th Anniversary Triple Take!

(Judy as the mysterious forest clown in The Scary Bitch Project, with Jeff Hannaford)

Thank you, Judy, for everything you’ve done.  We look forward to working with you again someday in the future!

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