Memories from Triple Take past…Kevin Risk

Memories from Triple Take past…Kevin Risk

Last memory, for now, anyway.  A few stragglers may come in, but for now, let’s wrap up with Kevin Risk…

Kevin: It’s hard not to think of the casts and crews when I think of Triple Take shows. From my first play with TTP (Crime and Etiquette) to my first Fringe outing with the company (It was Kit)…and everything in-between and after, there was always a wonderful group of people to work with. Many of the same faces came back production after production. So every time I went to rehearsal, I was always greeted by friends.

(Kevin with Jason and Luc in a Crime and Etiquette promo photo)

(Kevin as Shakespeare with Jeff, Chris and Scott in an It Was Kit promo photo)

Kevin as Dr. Vic McNaughton in Space Zombies! as he tries to reason with Boolashacka, played by Kyle McKeown)

(Kevin returned to the role of Dr. Vic during the Moral Man series in 2016)

(Kevin, pictured with Linzee Barclay, played a gazillion different roles in Last Dance of the Dark Cloaked Avenger)

(Kevin as Norbert, with Erin and Jason, in a promo pic for The Paradise Lust Romance Series)

(Kevin with Kimmie in a shot during the Balaclava trailer shoot)

(Kevin, pictured with Frodo, helped edit/sound edit and contributed a sketch called “Lack-an-Accent Foundation” to SketCh TV)

(Kevin even appears on the cover of Horror at Terror Creek in his role as Dr. Audley Salmon, which he performed at the reading of the play)

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