Memories from Triple Take past…Lorne Hiro

Memories from Triple Take past…Lorne Hiro

And we continue with the memories of members from Triple Take past and present in celebration of TTP’s 25th.  Today, Lorne Hiro, who performed in a number of short films and plays (both produced and not produced!)…

Lorne: I did a short film that was based on the idea that I passed on to Regan a while back. The idea was a security camera eyes view of people passing by a dead body that they see at an elevator. Little did I know that she would actually make a short film with this idea and it would be my debut portraying a transvestite which I later showcased in another film not related to Triple take. It was a lot of fun!

When I first signed up with Triple Take, it was for a play that unfortunately had to be cancelled. I loved Regan’s writing style. It was so funny combined with an absurdist/existential slant and it was my first opportunity to work with a comedy troupe. I eventually did get a chance to be involved in a theatrical production of theirs that did get produced called Crime and Etiquette. It was a lot of fun and we got to play some pretty goofy characters in a crazy film noir type story.
These cool cats were great to work with!

(Lorne Hiro as the Dominatrix in Watching Mr. Body – note the body, Kelly Ryan Johnson, behind him to the left)

(Lorne with Jason Reilly in a shot from Crime and Etiquette, featured on the back cover of the published play)


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