Memories from Triple Take past…Shina Ahmad

Memories from Triple Take past…Shina Ahmad

And we continue throughout the week with memories from TTP members in celebration of Triple Take’s 25th anniversary.  Today, Shina Ahmad, one of the original founders…

Shina:  My favorite memories of Triple Take were when it was still in the incubation stage! We had no idea it would grow to become a company! We were just a bunch of friends meeting in your (Regan’s) basement on the weekends, and coming up with funny sketches — it was so much fun! We were free to create anything at that time, and that kind of freedom is rare as an adult. Thank you, Regan, for such awesome memories!!

(Shina was in the crew for A Short History of Night back in 1993)

(Shina performed with Simone and Judy in Multiple Madness)

(Shina also performed in Where are the Birds?, our first Toronto Fringe show!)


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