Memories of Triple Take past…Conor McCreery

It’s Triple Take’s 25th anniversary all year this year, after all, so we continue with the memories.  Here’s something from Conor McCreery…

Conor: It’s tough to come up with just one favourite memory from Triple Take, I think of all the time we spent laughing on set as a team, doing crazy scenes, the freedom we were given to try almost anything once. But if I had to pick one moment, I’d have to say that filming the beginning of Space Zombies, and eating raw sheep brains (after being expressly told NOT to bite into said raw sheep brains), has to be the one that will always stand out. And you know what? Aside from the encephalopathy, and the fact that it needed salt, it was a good take.

(No, silly, Conor didn’t eat brains directly out of Sandra’s skull…that’s just an illusion we clever filmmakers created in post…all just a part of the movie magic conjured during Space Zombies)

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