Memories of Triple Take past…R.J. Downes

Memories of Triple Take past…R.J. Downes

We’re winding down, but still a few memories to go!  Today, we have an original founder, R. J. (Rob) Downes…

Rob:  My favourite memory of Triple Take is working on Crime and Etiquette and noticing that a certain actor was always hanging around, showing up early and generally making sure he was around to spend time with a certain producer. I believe that production spawned at least two relationships but the fact that it brought Regan and Kevin together makes it hugely memorable for me. Also the fact that we never knew each night of the show if the actor playing the boss at the end of the play was going to show up so we prepared a different ending. He did manage to make it for every show but it was terrifying wondering if he would each night. Stressful then. Laughable now.

(Jason, Luc and the love of my life of whom Rob spoke, in a PR shot for Crime and Etiquette)

(The paperback version of Crime and Etiquette)

(And Rob’s been involved in Triple Take since the very beginning, so I can’t resist posting a couple photos of him in productions, too – this is from The Scary Bitch Project)

(And here’s Rob as Lance Serious in Space Zombies!)

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