Now available for purchase…”Horror at Terror Creek”

Now available for purchase…”Horror at Terror Creek”

BOOK 3 of the Trilogy of Horrifically Half-Baked HamHorror at Terror Creek is a novella based on the play by the same name.  Grad student Fanny Punn is studying an antiquated town called Terror Creek.  She hopes to unearth the reasons why all surrounding villages have failed over the centuries, while Terror Creek thrives.  At the Athame Inn in the centre of town, Fanny meets a peculiar cast of characters.  The innkeeper, Ligeia, is also a Satanic High Priestess.  Dr. Audley Salmon is the resident mad scientist toiling in his mysterious lab in the basement.  The inn’s maid is mute and its bellboy speaks like a poor man’s Poe.  It is here, among this motley coven of curious eccentrics, that Fanny stumbles onto a series of startling  secrets, sealing not only her fate, but the fate of her friends…forevermore.

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BOOK 2, They Suck:  Are you looking for a hilariously gory and inappropriately explicit tale involving a man and the obsessively tidy woman he loves, his army of beloved (and talking) animal friends, a sexually timid and immature comic book shop owner, his zombie-crazed psychiatrist and a grotesque strain of mutated vampires wantonly attacking the unsuspecting citizens of Toronto?  How oddly specific of you—but you’re in luck!  Join Robert Spavor as he wages war against these silly vampires to save the body and soul of the woman he loves in one of the goriest, most blood-stained, vulgar and ridiculous epic battles ever!

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BOOK 1, Space Zombies!:  the novelette based on the B-movie parody feature film Space Zombies: 13 Months of BrainSpinning Mayhem! by Kevin Risk and Regan W. H. Macaulay.

Even the sanest and kindest of men goes mad. But what is it that drives him to insanity? Zombies from space seeking human brains for snacks? Human-to-cat, cat-to-human thought essence switches? Monster toad-beasts or starfish mutations? Dueling heads? What you are about to read is a description of the circumstances under which one man, veterinarian Dr. Vic McNaughton, goes horribly, horribly, and almost irretrievably insane.


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