“Plan 9” remake is now available in Canada

“Plan 9” remake is now available in Canada

Plan 9, the remake/reimagining of the old Ed Wood film from 1959 that I have proudly associate produced/invested in is now available in Canada via Amazon.ca!  You may find it’s out of stock from time to time, but you can get it.  And it’s available in the States and a number of other countries as well.  Fans of the horrific and the silly, check this one out.  After all, the original Plan 9 from Outer Space “inspired” my own film, Space Zombies: 13 Months of Brain-Spinning Mayhem! … if you’re a fan of that sort of thing, like I am, you’ll enjoy this movie, too.

Darkstone Entertainment presents a John Johnson film:  Plan 9
Starring:  Brian Krause, Sara Eshleman, Amy Hart, Matthew Ewald, James Rolee, with Jerry Moore and John Johnson
Music by:  Andy Deane
Edited by:  John Johnson and Neil Wagner
Production Design by:  Sallah Baloch
Director of Photography:  B. Sweeney
Make up FX by:  Bio Duck FX
Written and Directed by:  John Johnson
Studio:  Gravitas Ventures
Associate Producers:  Too many to list, but includes me!  😉


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