Lady Luck


A four-part, comedy / sci-fi radio mini-series (30-minute episodes).

Jean, a woman cursed with bad luck, wakes up in a new body after a freak accident.  Thinking it might be the only way to leave her curse behind, she takes it – only to face off against an uptight, ego-maniac from the afterlife who’s sent to get it back.  Each half-hour adventure explores Jean’s quest for happiness as she sheds bodies, and even crosses the boundaries between life and death.

Written by:  Kevin Risk
Directed by:  Regan Macaulay & Kevin Risk
Produced by:  Regan Macaulay & Kevin Risk
Executive Producer:  Maureen Bell
Sound Recorder/Editor:  Kevin Risk
Music Composer:  TBA
Cast:  Kevin Risk, Eve Wylden

Project Details:

Kevin Risk


Regan Macaulay & Kevin Risk


Currently in development


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