Last Dance of the Dark Cloaked Avenger


Last Dance of The Dark Cloaked Avenger:  a dark comedy about death in the form of a 1940s radio play.  Arthur Warnes, the star of a long-running suspense thriller radio serial, The Dark Cloaked Avenger, is found outside his apartment, shot dead. While a police detective tries to solve the murder in the real world, Arthur wakes up to find himself inside a studio in the afterlife performing from a script written about his very own murder. Life and death ultimately collide as both men try to figure out who-done-it, both with the help and hindrance of the rest of the cast and crew of The Dark Cloaked Avenger Hour, sponsored as always by “Brenton’s Biscuits” – Westside City’s tastiest after dinner treat.

Produced at the Alumnae Theatre MainStage, May 16-20 and May 23-27, 2007.


Episode 1

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The Dark Cloaked Avenger discovers his old nemesis, Sammy the Snake, has teamed up with a mysterious and powerful ally and is about to rob the 40th Street Bank.

Episode 2

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The Dark Cloaked Avenger heads to the 40th Street Bank to find Sammy the Snake has already robbed it.  To his horror, the DCA also discovers the identity of Sammy’s new partner in crime!

Episode 3

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(Rough edit) The Dark Cloaked Avenger is trapped by police at the 40th Street Bank.  They believe he is Sammy the Snake’s new partner in crime!  Will the DCA escape and clear his name?

Written by: R.J. Downes
Directed by:
R.J. Downes
Produced by:
R.J. Downes (Beautiful Lie Productions) and Regan Macaulay
Associate Producers:
Kathryn Malek and Kevin Risk
DCA Theme Composer and Song Arrangements: Noise
Sound Recording and Sound Effects: Kevin Risk
Set Design: Christina Coxson and R.J. Downes
Lighting Design: Caron Garside
Lighting Design Assistant: Max Garside
Costume Design: Mary Downes
Wardrobe Alterations: Maureen Bell
Props Builder & Design: Christina Coxson
Stage Manager & Lighting Operator: Sarah Miller
Assistant Stage Manager & Sound Operator: Donny MacDonald
Assistant Stage Manager (backstage), Properties & Set: E.C. Chevalier
Publicist: STAF (David Yee)
Sound Recording and Mixing for “The Dark Cloaked Avenger” Podcasts: Kevin Risk
Music for “The Dark Cloaked Avenger” Podcasts: Noise
Technical Consultant for “The Dark Cloaked Avenger” Podcasts: Johnny Vong
Poster Illustration: R.J. Downes
Poster Design: Focused Creative Communications
Photographers: Amelia McGoldrick and Kevin Risk
Front of House/Opening Night Reception: Julie Burris, Tabitha Keast
Cast: Claire Acott, Linzee Barclay, Greg Corkum, Andre Davey, Andrew Dundass, Stephen Flett, Kathryn Malek, Scott Moore, Conor O’Hegarty, Kevin Risk

Conor Kathryn and Claire Acott

Project Details:

R. J. Downes


Rob Downes


May 16-27, 2007