Seeing the Light


A one-act, dark comedy.

Gregory Pasternak is consumed by a darkness.  It is mysterious to him, and he can’t help but notice that it coincides with a most bleak time in his life.  For years he has tried to assemble a discussion group.  A kind of think-tank whose purpose it is to find enlightenment.  And for years, one group after another has disbanded, leaving him utterly alone.  Depressed, with few friends left, Gregory is on the verge of losing what he fears is his final group.  In a desperate bid to get this think-tank thinking again, he brings home what is perhaps the ugliest painting ever created, hoping that it will spark conversation, and save his beloved circle from disbanding.  However, fearing it may not be enough, he also invites an old friend of his, named Vanora.  In the very beginning, it was she who helped him begin these groups, but over time they have drifted apart.  He does not want her to join the group tonight.  He only wants to have someone left in the room if everyone walks out on him.  Once the meeting begins, personalities clash and the characters struggle with the darkness they all feel.  Gregory must discover what he is missing before he can truly see the light.

Written by:  Kevin Risk
Director:  Regan Macaulay
Assistant Director:  E.C. Chevalier
Artistic Design:  Michelle Bailey
Stage Manager:  Rob Downes
Cast:  Kevin Risk and TBA

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Kevin Risk


Regan Macaulay


Currently in development


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