Space Zombies III: The Incredible Duel-Headed Cat Freak!


Space Zombies III posterThe third and final installment of the Space Zombies series brings us straight into the tortured soul of Dr. Vic McNaughton – our lead and normally, our hero. But this time, he unintentionally becomes our villain. In his confusion regarding his wife Betsy, who resides within the mind of their pet cat Ju-Jube and his beloved pet Ju-Jube, who rests within the body and brain of Betsy, his wife, Dr. Vic decides the only solution is to join the two together. With the help of his new friends, the Space Zombies, Vic concocts some terrible creatures through his experiments with both cats and humans. Will Dr. Vic join his wife and cat in one body? Will Chief Gidget and his new Inspector Gross be able to stop him? Will Vic’s friends be able to help him see the light? Tune in to yet another bad B-movie inspired short Executive Produced by the late Edward D. Wood Jr.


Produced Fall 2003, Winter/Spring/Summer of 2004 in Toronto.

Written by: Regan W. H. Macaulay and Kevin Risk
Directed by:
Regan Macaulay
Executive Produced by:
Edward D. Wood Jr.
Associate Produced by: Christopher Cordell
Kevin Risk
Camera Operator:
Johnny Vong
Edited/Composed by:
Regan Macaulay
Sound Design/Special Effects by:
Kevin Risk
Puppet Designed by:
Regan Macaulay and Kevin Risk
Kim Croscup, Rob Downes, Dave Krstin, Chris Gibbs, Mr. Jones, Andrea Lyons, Frodo B. Macaulay, Prea L. Macaulay, Regan Macaulay, Albert Masters, Kelsey Matheson, Conor McCreery, Kyle McKeown, Crackers Miskevich, Renata Rampersaud, Jason Reilly, Kevin Risk, Taco Steeves, Darcy Windover

BoolCarChase DustingTaco DuelingHeads GidgetsGun Interrogation2 Kiss VicandBool2brighter Moral Man

Project Details:

Regan W. H. Macaulay & Kevin Risk


Regan Macaulay


Fall 2003 - Summer 2004